Friday, September 30, 2011

Let Me Out

For Every Action, There is an Opposite and Equal Reaction

It is better to risk starving to death then surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what's left? ~Jim Carrey
  I've decided that if I mess up again, there will be punishment. If I do well, there will be reward. If I eat meat or pita chips at work or candy at work or anything that is not fruit, veggies, tea, coffee, water, or yogurt, I have messed up. In my exercise plan there are different sections: Arms, abs, legs, stretching. For each time I mess up, I have to do an extra set of one of these sections. That might not sound like a lot, but trust me, the exercises are intense. If I stick to my food plan, drink my water, take my vitamins, do my exercise sets (3), then I can have a piece of candy for each one( maximum= 6 piecesx 15 calories= 90. These candies can only be eaten after work or gymnastics, depending on the day, and if I mess up on my food at all, no candies for me. I will weigh in each morning. I will lose at least 5 pounds this time. 125 lbs is my goal. That's all for now lol <3 SUnshinechild69

Things I Can't Stand

People smacking when they eat their food* Mushy apples* People yelling* Retaining water* Wearing socks if I'm not wearing shoes* Calling or Texting my mom* Racist people* Being itchy* Stubbly boyfriend when we're kissing* Jiggly thighs* People walking around with camel toe* People talking down to me* Pervy old men* people wearing too much makeup* Goosebumps* People farting and thinking it's funny* Not being ready* Leaving late* Being lost* Driving somewhere for the first time* Bigots* Little girls dressing like sluts* Dumb people in my classes that interrupt the teacher with their own opinions about the lecture when what they have to say is fucking irrelevant and won't be on the test* Being too full* Being slow* Mustard* Mayonnaise* My rolls* Granny Panties* Social awkwardness in myself* Pleated pants* Being sweaty when I'm cold

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are You Sure These Are My Shorts!?

Some serious motivation happened today! First of all, I didn't weigh in this morning because I didn't want to see the aftermath of that binge yesterday. This is the official no more re-starts under any circumstances beginning of my ten day challenge. I promise. Any ways, I was getting dressed for school this morning and I was planning on wearing a tank top under a jacket with my jeggings, but I could not find my jeggings anywhere. I looked at the weather and it was supposed to get up to 80 degrees today, so I decided that I could wear some shorts. I found some really tight kinda short shorts from American Eagle and sighed about how fat my legs were going to look before putting them on... but they weren't tight at all!! The leg holes at the bottoms used to be tight when I was standing, and when I sat down, they were kind of uncomfortable. Now when I put them on, the leg holes were loose and I could pull the waist a few inches out. When I sit down, they've still got room!! I'm so super excited about this because it means I'm shrinking. I finished crocheting 2 hats one for me and one for Lottie x I'll post picks, ohh and also I just ordered a tiny glass bottle with a cork to make a necklane out of so I can keep my "fairy dust" in it lol. Oh ya and Barnes and Nobles has this collection of classic books that are leather bound and look amazing and next time I'm at the mall I'm going to buy The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. :) I started with my new gymnastics team yesterday and it was really intense but a lot of fun. The gymnasts are so nice and everybody is really supportive of each other. I'm super sore and I can up with a new exercise plan that I will post later, but its really long , so I'm being lazy for now and procrastinating... Oh and just a quick question, I've noticed a lot of blogs disappearing lately, are they getting shut down? I'm scared. If you know anything, please let me know :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why is This so Easy?

Ugh weighed in at 130.4 again today... then I binged on orange chicken and rice. Went to the toilet and purged. I don't even use my fingers, I just contract my stomach and out it goes. Going to take some laxies and make all this food weight come out. Ugh I want 130 soooo bad. Why oh why oh why won't this weight go away? I'm starting the ten day challenge over tomorrow because I still haven't gotten energy drinks lol I'm such a procrastinator.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Water Weight

He had said, just prior to the midday meal at school, "I'm starving."
Immediately he had been taken aside for a brief private lesson in language precision. He was not starving, it was pointed out. He was hungry. No one in the community was starving, had ever been starving, would ever be starving. To say starving was to speak a lie.~ Lois Lowry The Giver                                                   I just weighed in after a day of eating food and I had just chugged a 16.9 ounce bottle of water (that weighs just over one pound by the way) and  I'm still at 130.4! That means that my weight will be down after I sleep all night :) Please , please, please be one thirty ** wishful thinking**

Round 2

10 Day Challenge

OK beautiful people! Here We go again!! Ten day challenge part 2. Last time I lost around 11 pounds in 10 days, and I hope I can see similar results this time. I weighed in this morning after 3 days of binging at 130.4lbs My next goal weight is 130 so I hope to be there tomorrow morning. I would love it if I had some buddies to do this challenge with me so I can see how it works for everybody else. I'm so excited. I hope to be down to at least 127 by the end of this. That would be so incredibly awesome :) Here are the rule in case you are interested in joining me                                                                                                                             Breakfast-Sugar Free Red Bull, Monster, Tea, Coffee (or other energy drink)

Lunch-Activia Light Yogurt, or other low fat yogurt

Snack Throughout All Day-Herbal Decaf Tea and as many Negative Calorie Foods as you want

Dinner-Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Sleep-7-9 Hours

Exercise-Yoga, Pilates, Weights, Cardio, Swimming, Anything You Feel Comfortable With

Weigh In-Every Morning and Post Stats as often as possible    

Monday, September 26, 2011

So I Don't Forget

INTAKE TODAY1/2 peach=30 *1/2 cup Black Berries=30*1/2 Tomato=11* 1 egg with spinach =75* Tea with sugar=15* 5 Hershey's Kisses= 125* Clementine=40 Total=326  

Time For Plan B

I haven't weighed in for a few days. I don't like having to keep track of points that don't really have any significance or value for me. I like being able to title my posts what I want instead of having to just post a bunch of numbers. Sooooo, I'm going to start up on round 2 of the ten day challenge and go from there. I hope everyone is well. I just bought a bunch of fluffy thick yarn to crochet with.I also bought a bunch of pretty amazing glitter to make wonderful little happy things with. I want to find a tiny glass bottle with a cork, fill it with pretty glitter and make it into a necklace and I will wear my magical fairy dust everywhere lmao I'm insane. Does anybody want to do this challenge with me? So much homework I need to catch up on for tomorrow. The house is a mess so I need to get cleaning. Happy skinniness!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Interesting Article on the Web

Collar Bones Poppin!

So, I couldn't resist. I was taking pics at my bf's rugby match and I noticed my collar bones sticking out more than ever, so I snapped a picture.Tell me what you think :) I'm a little proud of myself.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Yay! One year since I started my blog. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed and how far I've come. Here was my first ever post titled So It Begins... Ok, so I'm new to this whole blogging thing. and to pro ana stuff in general. I need a place to let this all out because I can't talk to anyone about this. It's my little secret :) I know I have a problem. Is it really a problem if I don't want to change. This all started with a school project where I had to write a research paper about anorexia. I was so fascinated by the subject. At first, I thought it was a huge problem, but I quickly began to see the appeal of a pro ana lifestyle. For a while, I didn't think about it much. Then, I was at gymnastics the other day, and it came into my head again. I was training with my boyfriend and something he said just set it off. I couldn't do a skill that I should be able to do. I joked saying " maybe I'm just too weak and fat to do this" His reply was " maybe you are" He was totally joking but and I know he was, but a little voice in my head said " maybe he's right..." It's been a week since that comment was made. I've been on pro ana sights every day, hoping and desriring for that control. Control over myself. Control over food. That emptiness in my stomach makes me feel whole. With each calorie cut, I win a tiny battle with myself. I think that I am slowly spiriling into an eating disorder, yet I do nothing to pull myself out. If ana knocks upon my door, I know I will let her in. I wonder where this path will take me... I think it's funny how much my mindset has changed about this whole thing in a year. Ana means so much more now and is just on a whole different level than last year. I'm finally getting my head together and I love this feeling. I hope to still be around on this blog next year :) <3 Sunshinechild69


Alrighty quick update. Stupid weight will not budge so I need to crank up the cardio :) I like when my weight stays the same for a few days because then, all of the sudden, it just plummets for a few days and the anticipation makes me super happy. Only giving myself a 1 on food because I went over a little bit because for some reason I decided to eat vegetarian chili which was not planned for. Water was good, challenges and exercise good. I need need need to keep up with my ballet and abs! Also, i think that if you comment on somebodies post on blogger, then blogger should notify you if that person comments back. Sometimes I don't know for like a week if somebody said something back because I forget to check. lol I'm so absent minded. I can't wait for my weight to drop and I need to start toning up my legs and making them stronger. They're starting to look all flappy floppy and I need to make sure every day I get enough calcium, take my multivitamin, and get enough lean protein so my muscles don't waste away. By the way, I am almost done with a crochet project that I can't wait to show off! I am going to start writing in my notebook more making sure I track these things to try and stay as healthy as possible. Also, I am going to make an exercise checklist and give myself a sticker each day if I complete it lmao. Well enough of my ramblings. Happy skinny day everybody! Stay strong <3

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Forgotten Poem

The less I have the more I want
to lose
ever smaller
shrinking away from this world
hiding within myself
the smaller I get the bigger I can be
in this world
each loss sets me free
each thought
weighing heavier on my conscience
each day bringing me closer
to perfection.


Crap heads on a stikk! I think that's one of the best things I've seen in a comment on my blog. Thank you Jane Pansy for making me laugh so hard that all of the people in the student center looked over in concern. I seriously am so happy that I started this blog. Everyone here is so wonderful and supportive and I can't thank you all enough. I know it's mainly due to your encouragement and confidence in me that I have been able to do so well on this challenge. So, it's time to tally up the points. One point on food because I was doing so well for the day, under 450, and then I got off work and had a salad... and a bunch of chips! Ugh shoot me. lol anyways  I did something I've been putting off, studying for Spanish class :) so there's two more points. Only a one on exercise because I had to unexpectedly go into work, but I walked around and stood for 5 hours, so does that count? Nope lol I posted, yay me, so that's two points. And I drank the entire Pacific Ocean so 2 points for water. My weight stayed the same as yesterday, but I think it's just food weight sitting in my belly because I ate right before going to bed, so hopefully it will be down tomorrow. Maybe 130!? I sure hope so because I want to do a picture post a  model my new bag. I can't believe how quickly the weight came off in the past few weeks. I feel so light and neat and trim. My legs are definitely looking smaller and there's kind of the gap at the very top when I have them together. I need to do more ballet. Well, enough of my rambling for now. I'll probably post again later or very soon because I have 4 hours between my 2 classes today. Hasta luego!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Haters Always Hating

Some people really just don't get it... Check out the comment somebody left on one of my posts here. Seriously, if you don't approve of pro-ana, stay off of my blog.


Ok so some good news. As of this morning I am 130.8!! I was stuck at 131.something for so long I couldn't stand it. I'm super excited for 130!! I'm so close to my second goal weight it's incredible. Only .8 pounds to go that's only 12.8 ounces :) WOw o wow! I still have a really bad cough and it hurts my chest. Other than that, I'm starting to fell a whole lot better. I'm so freaking excited about my weight loss. My hip bones used to just stick out at the front but now I'm starting to see that curve around the top part. My abs are becoming more and more defined each day. I took a lovely picture of my poppin collar bones on Saturday that I'll have to show everyone in a post later tonight. Today I have to do something I've been putting off. I'm going to clean out my car and/or fold laundry, because the pile is getting huge. I need to do so much more strength training for gymnastics. I'm so proud though because so many of my skills are getting easier and look better with more weight loss. I'm almost down 13 pounds in one month. This is sooooo amazing. I feel like Alice after she took the shrink potion. Good luck in all your endeavors ladies! How was everyone's weekend?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Still Sick

Ugh, still sick. Going to start up the challenge again tomorrow and then post stats, points, and stuff Tuesday. Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with it. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat and hurting tummy do not make me want to do anything but sleep. Good thing is, I don't feel like eating much at all because it hurts. Oh ya, and my boyfriend came to the conclusion the my legs are "definitely tighter" lol I can wait until you all get to see my lovely bones :) I'm excited for my picture post once I hit 130. Good night.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Smaller

I'm on the phone with my boyfriend earlier and he asked if I was getting shorter. I was like umm... no? The he said "Oh , it just seems like you're getting smaller or something. You're just so cute" I think he's staring to notice that I'm losing weight but his brain hasn't figured out whats different yet... I'm glad he's starting to see something different in me. I'm starting to feel a little better but head still hurts and my tummy isn't quite right yet. I'm going to make him some banana bread for a surprise. I'll post my weight tomorrow morning, hope it's down.

Sick day

I'm not feeling well today. Ugh I feel like I'm gonna puke and my head hurts. I should not have tried something new lol I think the sushi make me sick :( ugh.I don't want to get out of bed until I have to for work. I need some tums, aspirin and soup(lo-cal) lol I'll post my stats when I feel better. Stay strong everybody <3

Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 Weeks

Here's just a random little post. I've lost almost 12 pounds in 3 weeks. That 4 pounds per week. I work Thursday through Sunday at my job. That means in the time I don't see them I lose about 2 pounds and I'm losing 2 pounds while I do see them. I wonder if they notice?


Yay I'm down to 131.6 BMI of 20.01. I'm feeling great too. Making sure I'm getting enough protein and calcium is key to this whole thing. Without it I feel groggy and dizzy, so I eat my Greek yogurt which has a lot of both and also some lean protein like a plain chicken breast, tuna, or other sea food. I'm sooooooo happy right now. My plan is going so well. My random act of kindness yesterday was when I randomly super cleaned the bathroom for no reason; Scrubbed shower, took out trash, cleaned tub, mopped floors, did laundry, cleaned sink, organized cabinet, cleaned toilet  folded towels. I went crazy on that bathroom and my boyfriend loved it :) I'm glad to see that the weight keeps going down and it wasn't just "water weight" as some people told me. Ugh I hate when people bash on my weight loss. Don't be mean, just work hard and you can do it to! I started knitting a hat for my brother yesterday and it's going really well. I aced my Spanish exam. Oh! My exciting of all, my school bag that I bought as a reward for goal #1 arrived yesterday :D it's wonderful. I am absolutely in love with it, and I feel like I'm about to go off to Hogwarts (and I ran around the house wearing it, yelling this and skipping and laughing: I'm a nut!) I'm so happy I'm 1.6lbs away from goal #2. I would love to see it by tomorrow morning, and it's totally possible because I work today for probably 5 hours and that means 5 hours of standing/walking= 250 calories x 5= 1250ish My collar bones are looking awesome and I can't wait till I can post pics. Only 1.6 pounds to go! Today's challenge: Try something new

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fluttering Thoughts

Warning: This is a bit of a ranting post and contains offensive comments and fat bashing. If you don't like it, don't read it. Why do we do this? Really, what are my goals and my purpose in doing this? I dont understand sometimes. Really, when I look at those poor little emaciated bodies, I don't want that. I just want to be a little thinner. I'm almost at 130, the I'll be at 127 soon. The weight I always tell people that I am. Then, I'll be at 125. That number scares me and excites me at the same time. What will I look like when I get to that point? Then there's 120, officallyunderweight. Anything under 122 is underweight and that's just fine by me. and lower and lower. What is fueling me? The looks, the comments, the smile on his face, his hands on my ribs and hips, my tiny waist. No jiggle in the thighs. No disgusting love handles and rolls. I will not be one of the millions obese fatties huffing and puffing from the slighest exertion. Sweating, smelling bad, being slow, being ugly, being hated, heart problems, bad skin, hurt knees, homebound, using a motorized wheelchair bc I can't stand long enough to do my fucking shopping, broken chairs, huge food bills, people staring and laughing, rolls, double chins, flappy arms, alone for the rest of my life living with 20 cats, high carbs sugars fat, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, medications, triple bi-pass, lap band, disappointing, ugly, failure, self loathing, lonely, loser, disgusting, fat fuck.         I want to live in the fairy world. Be the ethereal ballerina princess. Dancing in the air and pirouetting on the clouds. Wandering carefree in a world made of glitter sunshine and fantasy. Skirts twirling, laughter, soft things, beauty, wild and reckless. Devil may care. Dancing in the flames. Skinny legs. Hollow stomach. Light as a feather. Floating, happy free. Lost from this world. Off the map. No pain, no tears, no hurt, no lies, no hate. Just delirious happiness, everything my way. Never lacking, never wanting. Perfection. Is it worth the pain? Will I be truly happy? Will I find my secret world? Only one way to find out...<3


"You're legs are looking better than ever!" Wow. That's what my boyfriend said to me last night. Hehe :) I knew he would like a skinnier me. My hip bones are becoming more pronounced. I'm starting to see those bones that go across your chest. I guess they're ribs? I don't know lol. Ooooh and my abs are coming out and if starting to see that v of muscle that goes between your hip bones. Enough about my bones and such lol... Ne ways, about yesterday. Only giving myself a 1 on the food because I did well all day until I went on a salsa and chips binge. UGH I don't think I did too much damage though... Weight stayed the same and this makes me happy bc I have a bunch of food weight sitting in my tummy so after that is out, the weight will D R O P. I'm so excited about this challenge still. For my Tuesday challenge: Do something you've been putting off, I finally redid my toenail polish. I'm not joking, I had silver chipped nasty lookin polish still left from my cousins wedding (August 15th) That's nasty... Any ways :p I can't wait until my knitting and crochet books get here. They're supposed to arrive sometime today. I'm excited to start making hats and mittens. Oooo and leg warmers. I'm so excited to get started. Also, it will keep my hands busy and away from food.YAY Today's Challenge: Random act of kindness.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wow I am excited! First of all, I stayed under my 600 calories limit. I drank my water. I drew, stretched, sewed a cute laptop sleeve for my laptop, studied, and blogged. I worked out my abs and I'm feeling good. My something to feel good was I made my beautiful laptop case and was complimented on it. I'm not gonna lie, I weighed in yesterday morning at 136.2 but I think it was all food weight or something because at the end of the day I was at 135. I woke up this morning at 132.2!!! I am so excited :) I love this plan. I feel so light and wonderful. Another gymnast last night commented on how I'm getting stronger. I think I just feel stronger because there is less weight to move around :) Oh happy day. My BMI is now 20.1 down from my start at 21.74. I lost 1.64 bmi points. My total weight loss from the beginning of the 10 day challenge and into this is currently 10.8 pounds! This is exhilarating. How is everybody else doing?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not Too Bad

Calories for today: 2xTea(50) Greek yogurt(160) Kiwi (45) 100 calorie bar(100) Broccoli, cauliflower, tiny bit of dip(100). Total=555 Yay! I'll post points and stats in the morning.

He noticed!

Last night when I was getting into bed my boyfriend was laying down already and he said, "Come here skinny" My immediate response was, " I'm not skinny"  Then he said, " Yes you are. Your legs looked skinny..." then he just kind of trailed off like all of a sudden he realized, " Damn, is she losing weight?" Mini panic inside of my head like, "Oh no! He knows somethings up!" So what did I do? I started kissing him to take his mind off of it. I'm happy to say that he was completely distracted and the subject was not brought up again. Crisis averted :)        I'm starting up my new plan today. So far I'm at 130 calories and after lunch I'll be at around 300. I'm so excited. I have to go buy a bunch of supplies for my drawing class and the teacher says it should only cost around $50 (yeah, right) Also, she forgot to mention the $70 text book... Oh well. At least I get 6 hours of studio time each week. I'm super excited for my orientation at Abercrombie today.I really hope this plan works and keeps me motivated.

Start it Up!

So, basically, with the rules I posted yesterday I need to add a few more. Breakfast= Tea, fruit, <100cal  Snack= water & 100 calorie pack Lunch= Greek yogurt & water 160 calories Dinner= fruit and veg <100 calories. Daily calories= <600 calories. I need to start tracking every single thing that passes through my lips :) I start my new job tomorrow at Abercrombie. Also, I start my new classes at 8Am ugh. I'm sleepy and I need to go to bed soon. I can't wait to get down to 130... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz goodnight                                                                                                               

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sounds Good

 So, I totally just nabbed this plan from Sarah and it looks brilliant. I'm going to change it up a little bit to fit my lifestyle a little better like she says you can on your blog.  The Rules:
1. Only eat in front of people
2. Water, tea, coffee only
3. No eating between 9pm and 9am, unless necessary
4. Eat one of each food listed (or less), and a small serving of necessary dinner
5. Do sit ups daily, leg lifts, V-ups
6. Weigh in each morning
7. Don’t sit still – stand rather than sit, pace when waiting, move legs when sitting
8. No binging. Eat something (peanut butter sandwich) if it will prevent a binge.
9. Lightly follow 28 day plan
10. Do 4 activities off the checklist each day
11. Take weight loss pill daily
12. Take a multivitamin every day
13. No: ice-cream, chips, chocolate, friend food, etc. 
14. Chew food well
15. Drink at least 4 bottles water every day 
16. stretch every day (15 min)Checklist: ( You can't repeat more than 2 activities from day before)
• Clean dishes
• Clean laundry
• Clean living room
• Paint nails
• Knit or crochet at least 45 min
• Sew something
• Blog
• Study
• Shave and exfoliate skin in shower
• Go for a walk
• Jump rope
• Go for a run
• Write a letter to a friend
• Paint or draw
• Dance
• Stretch 
You can get up to a maximum of 10 points per day, 2 points for each of five categories.
The categories are: 
Daily Self Esteem Challenge 

Food: If you stay on your plan and eat within your daily range of calories give yourself 2 points. If you go over, but not by much, 1 point. If you have a bad day 0 points.
Water: Lots of water, 2 points. Some water, 1 point. A very small amount of water, 0.
Exercise: 20 min cardio, ballet, abs, 2 points. 2 exercises, 1.5 point. 1 exercise, 1 point,No exercise at all, 0 points. 
Post: Record how you did on the challenge and you get 2 points. Don't record, no points.
Self Esteem Challenge: If you do your challenge, you get 2 points. If not, no points. 

Monday Challenge: Celebrate yourself – do something to feel good 
Tuesday Challenge: Do something you’ve been putting off 
Wednesday Challenge: Random act of kindness
Thursday Challenge: Try something new 
Friday Challenge: Have some fun 
Saturday Challenge: Clean something in your house that needs it
Sunday Challenge: Rest day 

Make sure you post your numbers each day. Your first number is the number of days you've been in the challenge, the second is the pounds you've lost and the third is the total number of points you've earned on the challenge so far. So if you've been on the plan for 2 days, you've lost 1.5 pounds and you have gotten 15 points, you'd just post 2/1.5/15                                                                      I'm gonna try this one out before I begin my readers choice diet and I'm gonna keep it up for 2 weeks and see how it goes :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Up to You!

I just came up with an Idea. I'm going to test out some pro ana diets and you all get to pick which one I try first. I'm going to try each one and post my stats and how im feeling and how it's all going and In the end I'll summarize how each one worked out :) Here are the choices:                                                                              1.Russian Gymnast Diet  2. Skinny Girl Diet  3. Rainbow Diet  5.ABC Diet   6. The 2-4-6-8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   7. Nichole Ritchie Diet  *8.Negative Calorie Diet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cast your vote by commenting on this post with your choice. Voting ends Tuesday 9/12/11 :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rainy Day

I woke up this morning wrapped in the arms of my amazing boyfriend. It's chilly in the house, but being cuddled by him made me so warm and happy. He ran his hand across my waist and over my hip bone and whispered, "You're so skinny" I kind of wonder if he notices that I lost eight pounds so fast. He's the kind of guy the doesn't notice things at first. Like if I got 7 inches of hair cut off it would take him a month to notice. Maybe he'll notice when I'm down to 130lbs. I can't wait until that day! I want him to notice and compliment me and make me feel wonderful.That would be the best, because if he noticed, that means everybody else is noticing too :) I'm taking some art classes at the university so I can go for that starving artist thing. I can wait to start wearing sweaters with leggings and boots, and I'm taking up knitting and crocheting to keep these hands busy and away from food. Also, I need some new dance tights and shoes. I can't wait for it to get just a little bit colder so that I can wear my autumn clothes and not get all hot and sweaty when it heats up in the afternoon. I'm going to start weighing in on Wednesday mornings and posting it on the blog. When I get down to 130, I'm going to post some pictures :) so I can show my progress. I'm excited. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Idea

SO according to the Biggest Loser's Jillian  Michaels to lose weight you should multiply your body weight my 7 and that's how many calories you need to eat per day. For me that's 938 calories. I just recently bought Slim Fast shake powder and a bunch of those 100 calories pack things so I'm coming up with a plan to use those up and stay under 1000 calories per day. For Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday : Breakfast: Slimfast shake (200), Snack :100 calorie pack, Lunch: Fruits and veggies (<150), Dinner=  Chicken breast(250)  Snack: coffee with 1tsp sugar and non dairy creamer (45) Total= < 750   Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday= Breakfast: Slimfast shake(200), Snack: 100 calorie pack, Lunch: salad at work <200, Dinner= Tuna and veggies(100), Snack: Coffee(45) and 100 calorie pack. Total= <745. Let's see how this works out for me and I'll modify and adjust as I go along. Wish me luck!                                                  

This and That

It's weird not being on the ten day challenge anymore. I almost feel like I have too much freedom in what I choose which is going to lead to some major binges. I mean , if I was only eating fruit veggies and yogurt like before, it would be not as big of a deal if I binged on those foods. So far, this has not been the case. Last night, my boyfriend decided he wanted McDonalds and he got me some. A McDouble with cheese and a medium fries. I was going to just eat a little and put the rest away but I ended up tearing through the burger and fries and ate a lot of his fries and then a bunch of candy... Good thing I played a lot of tennis and did gymnastics yesterday. No gain on the scales this morning. I bought a bunch of those 100 calorie pack things so I can keep portion control better and I came up with a plan to use my slim fast which I will post after this. So far today I've had for breakfast: V8 juice( 30) and 100calorie bar Lunch: 100calorie pack Oreo thins, V8 juice (70) and fruit (50) bringing my total to about 350calories. I have work right after school, so I'll have a quick snack/dinner because they make us eat at work. I'm gonna try for just a plain salad or some fruit and veggies and try to keep under 200 calories. That would be wonderful! I need to stay away from the kitchen while i'm waiting tables or I'll keep eating pita chips and rolls ugh I need to stay strong

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Comment for Jane Pansey lol

Hey Jane! I hope you're reading my blog sometime soon so you can see this. I'm having problems commenting on your blog so I'm just going to put my comment here and hope you see it. This is in regards to your holiday challenge post: I like the idea of a holiday challenge, but I'm going to edit the challenge a little bit. With my family, if I don't eat at the family gatherings ( My Aunts chili cook off, Thanksgiving,Christmas, Newyears) They will interrogate me and basically force me to eat. I think the maybe I'm going to come up with some rules for myself where I can still have some holiday foods, but I do certain things two days before and two days after the family event to compensate for eating all that food. I'm going to post some ideas on my blog. Let me know what you think :) I want to be in this together so we can keep each other strong.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Plans for a New Plan

Hello every body! I hope we all head a wonderful weekend. Mine was fantastic.I finished up the ten day challenge going from 143lbs to 134.4lbs. My BMI went from 21.74 to 20.43. I totally encourage anyone who wants to drop some lbs quick to check it out. On some days of the plan I cheated and had some cheese or a little bit of meat and I still had great success. I'm sure if you stick strictly to the plan you can lose a lot more :) Right now I'm trying to come up with a new meal plan. I know I want to incorporate my slimfast shakes because I just bought a whole thing of the powder. I think I'll do that in the morning with fruit and veggies at lunch and a very lean protein at dinner. Probably tuna or chicken. My goal is to always stay below 1000 no matter what. Also, the holidays are coming up, and I need to come up with a survival plan so I don't pack on the pounds. I haven't heard from a lot of you in a while. How is everything going?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Almost There...

I weigh in this morning, weight stayed the same. At least it didn't go up lol I'm so sleepy because I worked for sooooo many hours this weekend and I can't wait until my morning off tomorrow. I worked really hard today and hopefully when I weigh in tomorrow morning I will be down :) Wish me luck

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Almost Over!

Weighed in today, 134.6. Not too shabby. Weigh in tomorrow morning, then last day of the challenge, then one more weigh in. Let's see if I can't get it down to 134 flat or maybe under :)that woul'd be 9 pounds lost in 10 days and that would be wonderful! Oh I'm so excited. Then I'm going to start up my slim fast  plan. I'm going to make up new ruled and see how it work out for me for a week. Oh, I'm soo freaking excited.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Today is the day!! You heard it here first beautiful people, 134.8!!! I reached goal weight #1 :) Total weight lost as of today 8.2 pounds! Haha this is awesome. Everybody needs to try this challenge. It's amazing and really, I've never felt deprived or dizzy or horrible stomach pains or sick or anything. I love this diet, you gotta try it! Did that just rhyme? I'm a poet and I didn't even know it <3 Ok I 'm a loon. I know it lol. Here's some celebration thinspo for ya!                                                                                   

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Stuck at the same weight as yesterday... this sucks. At least I have work and school today so I'll be walking a lot and I'll be able to avoid eating crap.