Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sounds Good

 So, I totally just nabbed this plan from Sarah and it looks brilliant. I'm going to change it up a little bit to fit my lifestyle a little better like she says you can on your blog.  The Rules:
1. Only eat in front of people
2. Water, tea, coffee only
3. No eating between 9pm and 9am, unless necessary
4. Eat one of each food listed (or less), and a small serving of necessary dinner
5. Do sit ups daily, leg lifts, V-ups
6. Weigh in each morning
7. Don’t sit still – stand rather than sit, pace when waiting, move legs when sitting
8. No binging. Eat something (peanut butter sandwich) if it will prevent a binge.
9. Lightly follow 28 day plan
10. Do 4 activities off the checklist each day
11. Take weight loss pill daily
12. Take a multivitamin every day
13. No: ice-cream, chips, chocolate, friend food, etc. 
14. Chew food well
15. Drink at least 4 bottles water every day 
16. stretch every day (15 min)Checklist: ( You can't repeat more than 2 activities from day before)
• Clean dishes
• Clean laundry
• Clean living room
• Paint nails
• Knit or crochet at least 45 min
• Sew something
• Blog
• Study
• Shave and exfoliate skin in shower
• Go for a walk
• Jump rope
• Go for a run
• Write a letter to a friend
• Paint or draw
• Dance
• Stretch 
You can get up to a maximum of 10 points per day, 2 points for each of five categories.
The categories are: 
Daily Self Esteem Challenge 

Food: If you stay on your plan and eat within your daily range of calories give yourself 2 points. If you go over, but not by much, 1 point. If you have a bad day 0 points.
Water: Lots of water, 2 points. Some water, 1 point. A very small amount of water, 0.
Exercise: 20 min cardio, ballet, abs, 2 points. 2 exercises, 1.5 point. 1 exercise, 1 point,No exercise at all, 0 points. 
Post: Record how you did on the challenge and you get 2 points. Don't record, no points.
Self Esteem Challenge: If you do your challenge, you get 2 points. If not, no points. 

Monday Challenge: Celebrate yourself – do something to feel good 
Tuesday Challenge: Do something you’ve been putting off 
Wednesday Challenge: Random act of kindness
Thursday Challenge: Try something new 
Friday Challenge: Have some fun 
Saturday Challenge: Clean something in your house that needs it
Sunday Challenge: Rest day 

Make sure you post your numbers each day. Your first number is the number of days you've been in the challenge, the second is the pounds you've lost and the third is the total number of points you've earned on the challenge so far. So if you've been on the plan for 2 days, you've lost 1.5 pounds and you have gotten 15 points, you'd just post 2/1.5/15                                                                      I'm gonna try this one out before I begin my readers choice diet and I'm gonna keep it up for 2 weeks and see how it goes :)


  1. I love super detailed daily plans. @_@ Hooray for being anal!

  2. Hey! I like this! I am going to post it and try it myself with my ABC. usually takes me a couple days to get used to a new plan but, Im excited:)