Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yay I'm down to 131.6 BMI of 20.01. I'm feeling great too. Making sure I'm getting enough protein and calcium is key to this whole thing. Without it I feel groggy and dizzy, so I eat my Greek yogurt which has a lot of both and also some lean protein like a plain chicken breast, tuna, or other sea food. I'm sooooooo happy right now. My plan is going so well. My random act of kindness yesterday was when I randomly super cleaned the bathroom for no reason; Scrubbed shower, took out trash, cleaned tub, mopped floors, did laundry, cleaned sink, organized cabinet, cleaned toilet  folded towels. I went crazy on that bathroom and my boyfriend loved it :) I'm glad to see that the weight keeps going down and it wasn't just "water weight" as some people told me. Ugh I hate when people bash on my weight loss. Don't be mean, just work hard and you can do it to! I started knitting a hat for my brother yesterday and it's going really well. I aced my Spanish exam. Oh! My exciting of all, my school bag that I bought as a reward for goal #1 arrived yesterday :D it's wonderful. I am absolutely in love with it, and I feel like I'm about to go off to Hogwarts (and I ran around the house wearing it, yelling this and skipping and laughing: I'm a nut!) I'm so happy I'm 1.6lbs away from goal #2. I would love to see it by tomorrow morning, and it's totally possible because I work today for probably 5 hours and that means 5 hours of standing/walking= 250 calories x 5= 1250ish My collar bones are looking awesome and I can't wait till I can post pics. Only 1.6 pounds to go! Today's challenge: Try something new

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  1. congratulations!!! this reminds me i have two maths tests today eeeek!