Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Smaller

I'm on the phone with my boyfriend earlier and he asked if I was getting shorter. I was like umm... no? The he said "Oh , it just seems like you're getting smaller or something. You're just so cute" I think he's staring to notice that I'm losing weight but his brain hasn't figured out whats different yet... I'm glad he's starting to see something different in me. I'm starting to feel a little better but head still hurts and my tummy isn't quite right yet. I'm going to make him some banana bread for a surprise. I'll post my weight tomorrow morning, hope it's down.


  1. Boys are so cute sometimes :) My (male) cousin said basically the same thing after I lost fifteen pounds... smaller is always better. Good luck with the scales!

  2. haha that is too cute. lol. i love when my boyfriend notices my hard work is paying off!