Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sorry I haven't been posting lately. Please don't let my absence deter your efforts with the weight loss challenge. My grandfather had massive heart failure, was in a coma, and passed away the other day. I haven't felt much like talking :/ sorry. I'll post again on Friday, because I still have a big announcement to make.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Weigh Day #2!

Soooooo I am a massively bloated hippopotamus today. I started my period 2 days ago, and I am just bloated and swollen everywhere. Earlier this week, I was noticing some differences in my sides and my ribs were more prominent, then yesterday after work, I looked huge! I've been restricting so hard, so I know I'm just retaining water, but this is ridiculous. I refuse to weigh myself under these circumstances and get discouraged, so I will weigh myself when my period is over. How did everyone else do this week? I know I still need to tell you about my amazing news, but I need to wait until I have more time to really do the story some justice. Maybe after class? 
Take care for now, and don't forget to weigh in!

Friday, November 8, 2013

TGIF! It's Weigh Day!

Hello, hello, hello!
It's that magical day :) Friday!
I'll admit, this week has been a little rough, but I made out all right most days. It has been killing me to not know my weight all week. I finally got to jump on the scale this morning and the number popped up 132.4! In this first week, I've lost 2.6 lbs! Yaya
I don't have much time to type right now, but I have some very exciting news later :) Today is a fasting day ladies. How did you measure up today? <3 Sunshine

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Damn Bread

Ok, so I did well all day yesterday having just meat, cheese, soy milk, and eggs. Then, my BF brought home a loaf of herb and garlic french bread and a Milky Way bar... Why does he torture me so? We all know where this is going right? A late night binge of a candy bar, a huge chunk of bread, and a granola bar. Why!? Well, I'll just eat extra healthy food today and try to restrict more to stay way under the 1200 calorie limit today. 

Today you can eat whatever food you please so long as there is no refined sugars, fried foods, junk food, prepackaged snacks, etc. Just nice whole grains, fruit, veg, and protein. Dairy is not out of the question, but keep it in check. Ice cream does not count as a dairy product. It is junk and you don't need it. Just keep your head up today and lets make it through. That Friday weigh in is creeping up on us! 
How will you measure up? 

Ab workout for today= 
75 crunches
75 sit ups
5x 30 second planks
50 legs lifts
Get it done, ladies!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Silly Me!

It's Tuesday!! That means we need an exercise challenge today. Let's start off with something simple. I want 25 minutes of cardio activity today. Ride a bike, swim, dance, jump around like a crazy person. I don't care what you do so long as you get it done. I am going to get to the gym early today and jump rope for my cardio. I finally figured out how to jumprope without tripping and whipping myself with the damn rope. Yay me!

I just realized that I should probably post my ab workout on Monday morning, not after I complete it. The problem with that is I get out of practice around 10 PM, so everyone reading this has already finish their Monday by the time  I post. Silly time zones. If anyone is still interested, I did a super fast workout of 50 sit-ups, 50 crunches, 50 oblique twists, 50 butterfly kicks, and then I did some hollow body holds. My abs were burning so badly after wards. How did everyone do with the fruit and veg day? I'll admit, it was a huge challenge, but I think I did ok.

Breakfast = huge soy protein shake   (300)
Lunch= Mango (50) cliff granola bar , oops :/ (200)
Snack= Snow peas and hummus (150)
Dinner= Home made vegetable soup, sooooo good (350?) I had a lot lol
Total= 1050? 

I like to estimate high so I know I'm safe calorie wise.
It is killing me to not be able to weigh myself. I want to know if I'm losing any weight! It's so tempting to jump on that damn scale. Anyway, I'm looking forward to today's challenge. 800 calories of pure protein :) So far I've had a chunk of Gouda Cheese and some roast beef. I'm probably around (150) for breakfast, and I feel stuffed. I need to make sure I drink my 8 cups of lemon water today. Having enough water has always been a challenge to me. It's just so heavy in my stomach. O well. How did you all do yesterday? <3 Sunshine

P.S.  I'm thinking of doing a drastic change with my hair. I'm thinking some half moon bangs and some layers. Right now my hair is just all the same length and super long. Its down to my butt when I brush it out. I still want it to be long, but I need change! Anyone with bang experience out there? Do you love them, hate them? Lemme know :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

To Infinity, and Beyond!

I smoked and am not faced with the munchies. Out of all the temptations, guess which snack I chose? A big ol' Honey Crisp apple. It was rather difficult to control my self but ladies (any gentlemen out there reading?) , I made the right choice. Apples good, Halloween candy baaaaaad. Thank you for the response to the weight loss challenge. Looks like I have four readers participating :) Remember, It's never too late to join in. I guess it's too late when the challenge is over, but ya know. Any who, Tomorrow is Meager Meatless Monday!! Start your week off with a generous day (1000 cal)  of vegetarian/veganish goodness. No meat, no dairy, no refined carbs/starches or junk (bread, cereal, candy, chips, etc.) Tomorrow is plain and simple. Fruit, veg, and tons of water. Simple as that. Hopefully, more people will join in on our challenge. Don't you want to be thin for the holidays?  Maybe I should offer some sort of prize or incentive for participants?
Here's my consumption for the day:
Cool whip and strawberries=300?
Bread= 300?
chips and salsa=100?
veg and dressing=150?
bratwurst= 200?
pork steak= 300?
Random nibbles= 300?
Apple= 120
Total= 1770?

I have no exact amounts today because it is the kinda "cheat day" in this challenge. Time to cut way back tomorrow. Also, I need a haircut, brow wax, and groceries.  How did everyone do this weekend?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Check in #1

Here we go!! Day one of the challenge :) It's FASTING FRIDAY That means no calories today. Just lots of pure water to clean out and purify your body. My starting weight for this challenge in 135 : ( I decided to have one last night of cutting loose. It was Halloween after all, right? Not an excuse, I know, but it happened. I'd like anyone interested in joining the weight loss challenge from my previous post to leave a comment below. Tell me, what are your goals for this challenge? How much weight would you like to lose between now and Christmas Eve? My goal is to lose 12 lbs and possibly develop a thigh gap. 123 here I come. Anyone with me?

Countdown to the Holidays Challenge

If you've been tuned in to my sad little saga for some time, you'll know that I don't often meet the deadlines I set for myself. So, the details of the challenge I was going to post last night are being posted now :) So, in case you haven't heard, I'm hosting a weight loss challenge! It is going to run from today until Christmas eve. Give yourself the gift of a perfect body this holiday season! Wow, I sound like a commercial now lol  Anyways... 
Here are the basic rules for the challenge:
1. Fridays are weigh days
* If you are participating in the challenge, I'm going to post a check in post on Friday mornings. You should comment on the post  with your weight, or your loss for the week :)
2. You can feel free to join in the challenge at any time
3. Only weigh in on Friday mornings.
* I know it's tempting, but I don't want you to be discouraged by small fluctuations throughout the week. Plus, this makes your weight loss a surprise!
4. Proper hydration is key! 8 glasses per day of water
5. Follow the daily themes! It's gonna be fun, trust me.

 Each day of the week will have a theme:
Meager Meatless Mondays=
 No meat, no dairy and no bread today. Try to fill up on around 1000 calories of pure, unrefined fruit and vegetables. I know, its a lot of calories, and a lot of food, but it will do wonders for your body. Try to incorporate an ab workout today. I'll post my personal workout on this day :)
Tiny Tummy Tuesday=
Today is all about debloating the tummy. Aim for 8 glasses of lemon water to flush out toxins and get rid of excess water. Try to make today as low as possible on carbs. 800 cal or less of pure protein; eggs, meat, fish, nuts, legumes, soy. Whatever  floats your boat :) I'll post an exercise challenge each Tuesday.
No Worries Wednesday=
Today is kind of a free day. Eat whatever clean foods you want, but stay under 1200! Absolutely no junk food, candy, cakes, chips, etc. Another abs workout day!
Thinking Thin Thursday=
Cut carbs and calories today. The maximum is 500 calories. Try to limit the carbs to those found in whole fruits and veg. Make sure to get some nice protein as well. Today is a last chance to cut out weight before the weigh in tomorrow morning! Also, cutting way back will help with fasting tomorrow. 
Fasting Friday=
It's weigh day!!! Get your skinny ass up on the scale and report your wonderful loss on my weigh in post. Only water/tea/coffee today. No sweeteners. Trust me on this one. Just take a day each week to let your boy heal and detox. Evaluate your loss this week. No hard exercise today. 
Soup and Smoothie Saturday=
If you made it through the fast, you haven't had real food since Wednesday. You don't want to shock your system too badly with a sudden belly full of food. Let's have around 900 cal of healthy soup and smoothies. Be gentle on your body. Work those abs out today!!
Funday Sunday!=
This is family dinner day for me, so I can't be too restrictive. Today is a free day, so eat what you wish. Try to listen to your body and only eat if you are hungry. Allow your self one treat, but keep it in moderation. No other junk foods or bad foods allowed except your treat. Try to keep the treat or dessert under 350

Any comments, concerns or questions? Let me know <3 Sunshine