Sunday, November 3, 2013

To Infinity, and Beyond!

I smoked and am not faced with the munchies. Out of all the temptations, guess which snack I chose? A big ol' Honey Crisp apple. It was rather difficult to control my self but ladies (any gentlemen out there reading?) , I made the right choice. Apples good, Halloween candy baaaaaad. Thank you for the response to the weight loss challenge. Looks like I have four readers participating :) Remember, It's never too late to join in. I guess it's too late when the challenge is over, but ya know. Any who, Tomorrow is Meager Meatless Monday!! Start your week off with a generous day (1000 cal)  of vegetarian/veganish goodness. No meat, no dairy, no refined carbs/starches or junk (bread, cereal, candy, chips, etc.) Tomorrow is plain and simple. Fruit, veg, and tons of water. Simple as that. Hopefully, more people will join in on our challenge. Don't you want to be thin for the holidays?  Maybe I should offer some sort of prize or incentive for participants?
Here's my consumption for the day:
Cool whip and strawberries=300?
Bread= 300?
chips and salsa=100?
veg and dressing=150?
bratwurst= 200?
pork steak= 300?
Random nibbles= 300?
Apple= 120
Total= 1770?

I have no exact amounts today because it is the kinda "cheat day" in this challenge. Time to cut way back tomorrow. Also, I need a haircut, brow wax, and groceries.  How did everyone do this weekend?


  1. Ah, that's so wonderful! I love being able to smoke without munching. A wonderful feeling, the burning of calories, and the reward of not ruining it by slamming food.
    Great job! Keep up the good work!

  2. Well I guess I did Monday's challenge without even knowing haha. I would love to take part in the challenge. You're lucky you could smoke without munching. I always tend to munch. Keep up the amazing work sweetie.