Friday, March 29, 2013

Kind of Last minute, But...

Countdown to Summer fitness+nutrition Makeover start April 1st!
Spring is officially here and it’s that time again! As the weather becomes warmer we’ve all got one thing on our mind: SUMMER!Everyone wants to look their best for the best time of year but after a long, cold winter many of us are a long way from the bikini bodies we crave. If this sounds like you, The Countdown To Summer fitness+nutrition Makeover is just for you!
No bikini body is achieved without hard work, clean eating and 100% belief that it is possible and you can do it! This is not a weightloss challenge, it is a lifestyle makeover. It will include:
  • weekly nutrition goals designed to build healthy eating habits during and beyond the program
  • regular physical activity to burn fat and achieve your personal fitness goal 
  • workouts to strengthen and tone thighs, butt, arms, abs and legs
  • new healthy recipes and food products to try each week
  • an understanding of your daily calorie needs, how to build a healthy meal, what ingredients to stay away from and more
  • a community of people with similar goals and interests as you, where you can ask for advice and post your trials and tribulations of the week
  • daily Countdown to Summer
  • the best place to get hot for summer where you’re guaranteed to lose fatness and gain fitness!
TO SIGN UP:REBLOG this and send an email to including:
  • e-mail address
  • URL
  • age
  • current weight (approx. if unknown)
  • height
Sign up ends @12AM E.S.T. March 30, 2013, Any emails received after the deadline will be deleted so don’t wait!

1 Day Delay

So there's been a bit of a delay, but what's new? You know that guy that I talked about a while ago that accused me of being anorexic with binge eating tendencies? Well he's back in town for Easter, so he came over last night to hang out with me and my boyfriend. We ordered pizza and drank and it was pretty fun, but I regret it today. Sigh... well, now it's Good Friday, so I'm fasting all day for religious purposes. Tomorrow, I am going to start up the skinny girl diet instead of ABC, and I am going to stick to it every single day, no exceptions! I am just going to be made of steel this summer. No wiggly parts. No flab. No cellulite. Just muscle, bone, and a glowing smile. I think I'm finally ready to take this challenge on for real. 117 by the summer seems reasonable. I'm not really sure how much I weigh, but I'll weigh in tomorrow morning after my fast <3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Which one should I start tomorrow? And who wants to join me?:) <3

Don't Ask...

My birthday is in 1 month and 1 day. I am currently a fat tub of lard that can't get her shit together... but, I will have everything together by my birthday. 21 is kind of a big deal around here, and I can't be disgusting for my big day. today,I am fasting, and then I'm going to do the ABC diet until I'm at 127. After that, I'll come up with another plan, like always. Currently, I have my scale switched over to kg so I can't obsess over my weight as easily. I think that being 123 for the summer might just work for now. Pools open about a month after my birthday, so I have about 2 months to get really great abs and thigh gap. I really need to tone up my ass and hips. They're disgusting. Right now we are still buried under the snow, but as soon as it clears, I'm taking up running again. I have 2 trips so far this summer. California on May 15th and Israel on June 3rd! I need to be gorgeous by then. California is for my boyfriend's sister's graduation from college, and I haven't seen her in almost a year. She's a grade above me, and she is always so in shape and perfect.  Well guess what? We will see who looks better in a swim suit this year :) It's always been about even, but this year, there will be a clear winner. Below are some examples of how I'd like to be this summer. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be Careful Who You Trust: Anorexia Coaches

This is a public service announcement for all my readers. Please, please,please, be careful with who you trust. There are a lot of people out there who would like to hurt you or take advantage of you for no reason at all. It's really ridiculous the kind of sick people there are in this world, but it's a fact, so just be on your guard. So I don't know if you all remember, but a few months ago, I told you about this creepy guy who wanted to help me be anorexic. He contacted me through email and told me he would help coach me on not eating, but I had to send him pics of myself so he could see how much he needed to help me. That's a big red flag right there. Oh and also, why would someone want to help you be anorexic? This guy told me his name was Tanner. Just recently, another guy contacted me saying he would coach me. His name this time said Justin AMTM. It was the same sort of thing, and I played along so I could see what the hell this guys deal was. This time he didn't want to text ( probably so I wouldn't recognize the phone number) but he wanted to chat on instant message. He didn't have a blog or anything. He kept pressing me about fasting and what I do to lose weight and whatever else.Whenever I asked him why he was even involved in this, he would always get  defensive and say something like, " well if you don't trust me then I'll just leave you alone", so that I would drop the question. Umm, seriously? Why the fuck would I trust someone that wont give any information about themselves  but they want to know everything about you. Last night, I finally told him that I needed info about himself and low and behold, when I tried to email him this morning because he never responded, the email address no longer exists! I don't want to see anybody get taken advantage of manipulated, so watch out for these creeps. If he struck once, and probably twice, he will strike again. Does anyone else have experience with this?

Spring Slim Down

Target Date: 3-20-13 Days left (including today)= 7 Daily intake = <600 Refined carbs= not allowed. Fruit & veg = just about the only thing I'm allowed. Daily BMR (-1400) x 7= -9800 Daily running -300 x 7= -2100 Gymnastics = at least -1600. Plus whatever I burn at 25 hours of waitressing.  Total burn = > -13,500 (3.86 lbs) Every single freaking thing that passes my lips will be accounted for. I will write it down before eating it so i can decided if it's really worth it or not. I really hate this. I swear it's always 2 steps forward one step back. I want to be skinny for spring :(

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Measurable Motivation

 So I went to the bank today and put in $500 mostly in small bills, drawing many a stare from the curious bank tellers. I just love when the older lady behind the counter asks with a knowing smile, " Oh, where do you work at?"  I'm a waitress, not a stripper! Anywhoo, so after that, I went shopping at Target and got toilet paper, a new wallet, white Keds, gladiator sandals, a grey tank, a black tank, a fedora, and  some black jean shorts. When I started all of this, I wore size 7 jeans, now I'm in size 5 (Hollister), and they're getting loose, so I bought the shorts in a size 3 as motivation to keep shrinking. As you can see from the picture, I fit in the shorts, but they are very tight, and they give me a slight muffin top :( I swear my sides don't naturally look like that! By spring's beginning, March 20, they will fit beautifully!! That's a promise :) My hips are small enough, I just have huge thighs. I can fix that.  I'll also post a very happy weight update soon, but you'll just have to wait to find out how far I've come.Do any of my lovely readers have a motivational clothing item? I'd love to hear about it <3


Pinned Image
This is going to sound strange, but I always wanted to live during a  terrible war, or in an orphanage, or be sent to military school when I was little. I felt like I needed a real physical challenge. I felt like I needed to struggle and persevere and prove myself. I wanted to be in a bad situation. I wanted a gritty desperate sort of life. I wanted people to look at me and see how strong I was. You know how you can just look at some people and know they've been through some shit? They have this sort of hardened look in their eyes. I think this is why I starve myself. This is why I  fight to have a perfect tiny body. I want to prove that I can go without and survive. I'll take just what I need to get by, thank you very much. I don't know why, but I feel like this is it. This time, I'm going to make it. I'm finally ready to take the extra weight off and lose it forever. My lowest recent-ish weight was 125.8 ( That rhymed by the way :p ) I want to be at 125.6 by the first day of Spring (March 20th!) Every morning I'll wake up lower. Less and less and less until I reach perfection. I really need a new laptop, so I need thigh gap ASAP. I need to start running and jump roping again to slim my legs down.  Spring starts in about a week with summer rolling in soon after. What are you doing to not be mistaken for a beached whale this year?  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Don't Mind Me

Just dropping in for a second to let everyone know I'm still alive :) My lap top was having technical difficulties, so I wasn't able to post for a little bit. Sorry! I'm thinking of doing a week long water fast during this week because I have spring break which makes it so much easier. Is anyone up for the challenge? I'm going to see a bunch of old friends on April 11 ( I think that's the day) so I have to have to have to have thigh gap by then. I'll have it. That's a promise. :)