Friday, March 29, 2013

1 Day Delay

So there's been a bit of a delay, but what's new? You know that guy that I talked about a while ago that accused me of being anorexic with binge eating tendencies? Well he's back in town for Easter, so he came over last night to hang out with me and my boyfriend. We ordered pizza and drank and it was pretty fun, but I regret it today. Sigh... well, now it's Good Friday, so I'm fasting all day for religious purposes. Tomorrow, I am going to start up the skinny girl diet instead of ABC, and I am going to stick to it every single day, no exceptions! I am just going to be made of steel this summer. No wiggly parts. No flab. No cellulite. Just muscle, bone, and a glowing smile. I think I'm finally ready to take this challenge on for real. 117 by the summer seems reasonable. I'm not really sure how much I weigh, but I'll weigh in tomorrow morning after my fast <3

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