Thursday, March 7, 2013

Don't Mind Me

Just dropping in for a second to let everyone know I'm still alive :) My lap top was having technical difficulties, so I wasn't able to post for a little bit. Sorry! I'm thinking of doing a week long water fast during this week because I have spring break which makes it so much easier. Is anyone up for the challenge? I'm going to see a bunch of old friends on April 11 ( I think that's the day) so I have to have to have to have thigh gap by then. I'll have it. That's a promise. :)


  1. hey
    just discovered your blog and like it a lot.
    Did you end up starting your fast? I've just started the ABC diet which will then hopefully get me back into things and then into a fast.
    If you ever need help/support find me at my blog

  2. I'm so up for a challenge. I'm going to be away from my boyfriend for a month and all I want is to be skinny and beautiful when he sees me again on April 7th. We can both do this. <3

  3. I'm glad you're okay! Computer problems suck. :( I can't wait for your next post!!