Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh yes

 This is working so well!!! All I had last night was one piece of cinnamon bread (150? I have no idea because it's homemade) Today I had some hot cocoa (100) and that's all. I'm star ting to feel just a little bit hungry. I hope I'm super hungry in the morning. I want to feel myself melting away. I'm so excited that I have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday during the day to not eat. I feel so accomplished I have no cravings right now and I feel so strong. I took some chocolate laxis and I'm planning on turning in early just to make sure that no binges happen. I've been needing this so bad. I'm going to draw some in my sketch book and then turn in early. Goodnight! :)

Very Moving

My Absolute Thinspo!!! Vita Sidorkina

I am in love with her! This is what I want to look like more than anything. The first picture is my absolute favorite ever.!        Posted Image                                

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Window of Opportunity Opens

 My boyfriend, who I live with, will be gone all weekend, and won't return until sometime Monday. He leaves tomorrow at 4:30 AM because he and some friends are driving down there for a friends wedding. This seems like a beautiful opportunity to not have to eat. I started fasting today and I'm going to try and hold out all weekend. Coffee , tea, and water are all that I can have. I am going to use this as an opportunity to restore my system to eating healthy. I have been eating waaaay too much sugar and fats recently. I really hope I can hold out for four days. I know I can do 2 days no problem, but day 3 will be when I work a double at the restaurant. That means from 12- 9:30ish at night. I am going to need a lot of coffee. I'm hoping the the coffee has a laxative effect and clears all of this crap out of my system. I need to be 127 when he comes back. I'm back up around 131 this morning because of how much I binged this week on a fucking chocolate cake I made. UGH!!!!!! Well, no looking back now. I will take a before and after picture and post them on Tuesday along with the final weight after this crazy fast. Please pray I have the strength to make it through <3 Anybody want to fast with me? :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Picture Repost

Some people were saying they couldn't see my possible thigh gap pic so I'll re post it :) 

Does This Count as Thigh Gap?

  Tell me what you think? I know they don't touch at the top, but Idk if this counts or not... 

I am the Walrus

   Literally, I feel like a walrus right now. I am stuck at 128. Good news my abs are looking better every day. Bad news, I'm 2.1 lbs behind on my weight loss. My thighs do not look any smaller or tighter. I go to  Italy in about 4 weeks, so theoretically , I could lose 8 more lbs by Italy and still get to 120. I might need to change things up with my eating and exercise. More running for sure. I'm not feeling too great at the moment. My period is 2 days late and I feel all bloated and disgusting. I kept messing up a skill at gymnastics, so I had to do 50 push ups every time I messed up. I'm so sore  right now it's terrible. I need your help ! Tell me, What are your best tips/exercises for thigh gap?? 

Friday, May 11, 2012

I Didn't Make it

128.2 :/ not good enough. But, I think it might have been just food weight, because I binged a lot monday night for some reason. I just lost it. ugh.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Belated Birthday Shopping

Sooo, my mom told me " Shopping with you is too hard, and I have no Idea what to give you. Here's $100" Sweet. My dad took me shopping today for my birthday. I got 2 new swim suit tops and 2 bottoms, new head bands, new shorts for over my leotard at gymnastics, some other shorts, a t-shirt, and a Nike+ running thing for my Ipod!! I am so excited to use this bad boy! It tracks time, distance, calories, progress. I am so excited to go running with it. I am going to become a running machine! I can burn more than 500 calories per hour like this  : ) I am going to get these damn legs slimmed down. I will have thigh gap by Italy <3

Friday, May 4, 2012

Until Italy

I will still be sticking to the 1200 calories per day, but with a few exceptions. Before, I was just letting myself eat whatever I wanted to as long as I stayed at or under 1200. New rules. No fried foods. No fast food. No take out food. No ordering pizza. Limit cheese, red meat, sugars (except fruit). No ice cream. No chips. No candy. I want 6 weeks of water, fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, whole grains. I want to clean out my system totally for the first time in my life. Until my next weigh in (Tuesday morning) I can only have raw fruits and vegetables, vitamins, my cleanse pills, water, tea, and honey. I am super stoked. Can I do this? I can and I will. I need these thighs to go away!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Melting!

I'm going to go lay out in the sun for a few hours and hope that the sun will melt all of the fat off of my hips and thighs. Then I'll post a pic of my wonderful tan lines :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Excuses, No Weakness

We were running low on groceries, so I went shopping. Usually the BF has me buy pop tarts , chips, cookies, brownies, snack cakes, candy, icecream, cheesy carb loaded stuff, junk. Ugh. It's so hard to say no... Not this time, baby!! I bough a mango, a watermelon, kiwis, bananas, tomatoes, spinach, milk, greek yogurt, pretzles, bottled water, sparkling water, whole wheat bread, havarti cheese, beagles, popsicles. Not too much damage I can do with those ingredients :) Just got to avoid the bread and cheese. I'm excited! 1,200 calories a day of pure fruit veggies and healthy dairy. This will be amazing <3

Weigh in 3!

Don't stop. Please please please don't stop! That is my desperate plea to my metabolism. This 1,200 calories per day thing is really amazing. I was supposed to be at 129.48 lbs I'm at 128.8!!!!! Oh my goodness I can't believe this :D I am so amazed with my body right now, and I can't believe how close my trip is getting and how close I am to my goal weight before the trip! I guess next week I have to post my half way progress pic. I can't wait until I get around 125lbs because last time I was at 125.8 I had some very minuscule thigh gap. s soon as my toes heal up, I am going to start running every single day for an hour. It will be wonderful :) I'm so glad I haven't plateaued yet! This is crazy!! How is everyone else doing? My friend that I'm going to stay with in Italy told me to pack light and to bring mainly dresses and longer skirts. Soo today I made a long skirt that doubles as a strapless dress                        I'm so crafty lol. I have to power clean the house really quick before the bf gets home! TTYL