Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Think I Got The Job!

Sorry I forgot to update yesterday! I was super busy with work and gymnastics, and then I spent the night at a friends house. Oh ya! The lady that interviewed me for the country club job called me while I was working today and asked me to call her back tomorrow!!! I'm soooo excited! Random happiness, sorry. I forgot to post yesterday, but everything is going very well with the Skinny Girl Diet. For anybody wanting to join in, just comment on my daily SGD post with how you did for the day. Also, we weigh in on Sundays :) I'm so excited to see how this works out. Basically, I've been surviving on clementines (35) and I found this bag of mixed broccoli and cauliflower in the refrigerator section at the grocery store. Seriously it's a huge bag, and the whole thing only has 120 calories and there's no way you could eat the whole bag at one time. I like to sprinkle vinegar salt and pepper over them, and they are delicious and soooo low cal. I gotta get off of here before the anybody comes home, because I don't want to get caught Hehe
How did today go for everybody?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skinny Girl Diet!

Day 2 of my new weight loss regime! It's funny, because it's actually day 1 of the Skinny Girl Diet for me. I've never tried this one before, but I'm doing this diet with one of my pro-ana email buddies so it should be a lot of fun! Does anybody else want to participate with us? You can just start up on day 2 tomorrow if you want :) ****Comment on this post if you want to do this diet with us****
I went to my job interview today, and I think it went really well! I showed up at the country club and I had to fill out the application and there was also a one page quiz to assess our knowledge of fine dining so they could evaluate our experience level and see how much training we would need if we got the job. I didn't know there was going to be a quiz! Ahh :o
Thank God for my grandmother. One of the questions was describe a standard place setting from left to right using knives forks spoons and plates. She taught me this along with napkin folding when I was about 7 years old so that I could grow up to be the perfect little hostess. There was also a question asking you to describe what Crème brûlée is. I've made this dessert with my grandma so many times I could describe it perfectly. I turned my application in to the lady in charge and she said she would be with me in a second. A few minutes later she asked me to come with her and as we were walking she said, congratulations, you're the first person to ace my quiz. I was so excited. The interview went really well and I can't wait to hear back from her! I really really really really hope I got this job. It would be amazing. 
How was everybody else's day? :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little Moment of Happiness!

So I have a job interview tomorrow for a waitress job at a country club!!! I already make pretty good money life guarding at the pool, but this job would be amazing! I would be working like four nights each week and the cool thing is base pay is $10 per hour and if you have more experience, they pay more if you have more experience. I work in this fancy Italian restaurant for almost two years and was a part time manager. Also, I'm going to be making lots of tips! Hopefully, I get the job :) I want to look nice for the interview, so I went to the store to get some dress pants. The selection was pretty limited, but I found 3 pairs that I liked. I grabbed US size 6 pants in each style and headed for the dressing room. I put on the first pair and they nearly fell off of me. I looked at the tag in disbelief and it said they were size 6 slim waisted!!!! I'm not joking. I could pull the waist of the pants about four inches away from my hips while I was wearing them. They were freaking huge. I tried on the other two pairs with the same result :) I quickly redressed and headed back to the rack to find a smaller size. In one of the styles,the smallet size they had was size 6 so those were out. I found a size 4 in one style and a size 2 in the other style. I put on the size 4 first so I wouldn't be disgusted if the size 2 was really tight and I couldn't get them on. I put on the size 4 and to my surprise, they were still a little loose in the waist and the upper thigh area :)! I put on the size 2 pants and they fit beautifully! Omg they were so beautiful. I liked the color of the size 4 pants more so I went back to the rack, but there was no size 2 :( The pants were on sale though so I ended up buying both pairs. Fitting into those size 2 pants really boosted me up for the rest of the day. I really hope I get the job tomorrow. Wish me luck!
First day went amazing. I resisted so well on the calories and I played about two hours of tennis. Here's how today went:
Granola bar:100 calories
Bottle of water:0 calories
Gatorade: 100 calories
Chips: 150 calories
Water: 0 calories
Tuna= 240 calories
Total calories=  590
NOT A BAD DAY :)!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Beginning

Tomorrow it all starts over. I'm serious about losing weight this time. I want to drop 20 lbs by August 25. I have 60 days to accomplish this goal I don't think this will be too hard to accomplish. That's one pound every three days. I'm so excited!!!! Tomorrow is day one of my weight loss journey. I can't wait.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Is This Feeling?

I'm staring to feel really bummed out. I'm not afraid to say that I am totally obsessed with Harry Potter. I've read all of the books cover to cover dozens of times, I went to bookstores at midnight to get the new books as soon as they were released, I've seen all of the movies, I could probably beat anybody in a round of Harry Potter trivia. The new movie is coming out very soon and it makes me so sad. I have nothing else Harry Potter related to look forward to after that. :( I've decided to compensate by buying myself a little gift that I've been obsessing about for ages. A satchel bag like the students at Hogwarts use to carry around their books. Here's a picture of the one that I wanted originally 
Unfortunately, they no longer sell this one, but I found a really cool alternative.
Medium Wide Leather Satchel
I absolutley love this bag and it comes with a free vintage coin purse. I am obsessed! I know this sounds very nerdy, but I really want the Hogwarts seal on the bag like the original one, so I might get a pin, like this:
Large Hogwarts Crest Pin
and put it on the front so it looks similar to the bad I wanted. The plus side of getting this other bag is that it doesn't have Harry Potter splashed in huge letters across the top, and if I ever stop obsessing over Harry Potter, I can just remove the pin and still use it :) Also, this bag is lined with a really pretty blue material and it's big enough to put my lap top in. The Harry Potter Bag was a bit small. Also, this bag is about $70 cheaper so that's a big plus. I can't wait until my next paycheck so I can buy my bag!!! Only 5 days left :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ok so it's time to finally get these results out. Please, everyone who wants to be considered for a prize send me your final competition weight by Tuesday June 28. Email me with your name, final weight and starting weight. Good job on all of your hard work and thank you all for participating! Email me

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rehab Is For Quitters

So I have a confession to make. When I listed my weight for the competition, I said it was 135 at the beginning and really it was more like 125. I lied about my weight because what I saw in the mirror was sooooooo much bigger than that. My beginning BMI was actually 19.0 not 20.5. I kept losing weight pretty quickly and by week 4, I was down 6 pounds. This wasn't good enough for me, so I stopped eating anything but ice cubes and grapes, taking in about 150 cal each day and still going to 3 hours of gymnastics 5 days each week and working out like crazy any time I wasn't at the gym. I dropped another 5 pounds. I came home from school and my parents freaked out big time. I weighed 114lbs with a BMI of 17.3 They took away my laptop and I was basically under house arrest until I put on 10lbs. I promised to put weight on and not workout so much. I told my parents I lost all of the weight because of stress at school. They believed me. I kept lying. I started purging after meals, worked out at night when they all thought I was sleeping, I would say I was walking the dog while really I would pick her up and run while I carried her in my arms lol. She's a tiny dog. I would go out in our pool and swim as many laps as I could until I thought I was going to die. I lost another 7 pounds in 8 days. I was down to 107 with a BMI of  116.3 My parents had enough. They told me I needed help. I needed to go to an eating disorder clinic. My mom is a doctor so she went all medical analysis on me. They guilted me so bad that I sad yes. I was sent away for 30 days to Castlewood Eating Disorder Clinic and we talked about my problems, stopped working out, and fattened me up. Once I put on 16 pounds and kept it there, they told me I could go home, and they gave me a bunch of papers and books and doctors numbers and every piece of advice they could cram down my throat. ugh As soon as I got home I started packing up my things and I moved out the next day. I am currently living with my wonderful boyfriend who wants nothing more than for me to be happy. Honestly, being so thin made me feel good, and I really don't care what other people think about my weight. I'm back and more determined than ever to lose the weight. Today marks the first day of my successful comeback. I will be beautiful!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I've been gone so long...

So much has happened this past month. I have so much to tell you all, but not a lot of time now. I'm so sorry that I disappeared but I'm back now. I'm trying to get all of the contest results together now. Please send me any updates you haven't yet. All I really need is your final weight and BMI please. Email me Thank you all for being so patient and I'll post more details about my experience later today or tomorrow.
Stay strong,