Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Think I Got The Job!

Sorry I forgot to update yesterday! I was super busy with work and gymnastics, and then I spent the night at a friends house. Oh ya! The lady that interviewed me for the country club job called me while I was working today and asked me to call her back tomorrow!!! I'm soooo excited! Random happiness, sorry. I forgot to post yesterday, but everything is going very well with the Skinny Girl Diet. For anybody wanting to join in, just comment on my daily SGD post with how you did for the day. Also, we weigh in on Sundays :) I'm so excited to see how this works out. Basically, I've been surviving on clementines (35) and I found this bag of mixed broccoli and cauliflower in the refrigerator section at the grocery store. Seriously it's a huge bag, and the whole thing only has 120 calories and there's no way you could eat the whole bag at one time. I like to sprinkle vinegar salt and pepper over them, and they are delicious and soooo low cal. I gotta get off of here before the anybody comes home, because I don't want to get caught Hehe
How did today go for everybody?


  1. Thats great to hear that you're doing awesome! what time of day do you usually eat? or is it all day?
    I think i may pick up a bag of brocolie, i looove brocolie, for some reason i havn't bought it in a while, and now that i know how low-cal they are, i'm deff, gonna pick some up, thanks! :)
    And good luck on the job girl, you seem pretty stoked! :)
    Strength is Beauty! xD

  2. Thank you so much! I usually eat before I go to work around 9:30 AM to get the metabolism revved up. I'll have a big bottle of water and maybe a clementine. Then, I usually have a break at work around 12:30 and I'll have some more fruit. That usually keeps me going until after gymnastics, then I'll have some veggies and possibly some lean protein like a half can of tuna or a boneless skinless chicken breast with rosemary on top. How about you?