Sunday, July 3, 2011

Totally Cheating

Sorry I haven't posted the last few days. I've been feeling really strange. On Friday I think I almost died, seriously. It was so freaking scary! I work as a lifeguard at the pool and I was working at the bottom of the big scary slide we have at the water park.
This is a picture of the slide if you're looking down at it from the top. This slide causes so many problems at work. You shoot out of the tube into the funnel thing at the bottom and then you go around and around that part until you fall out of the hole in the bottom of the funnel part into the pool at the bottom. That's where all the problems happen. People are dizzy when they come out of the slide and then they get dropped into a pool at the bottom of the slide that is 7 feet deep and has a strong circular current. People get stuck in the middle all the time and they panic and start drowning, and then we have to go in and save them. Well, on Friday I had to save this man with downs syndrome from the bottom of the pool. He kept pulling me under the water and grabbing at my neck and then the red tube that wee use to save people slipped out from under me and we had no way to stay on top of the water, and literally, we both almost drowned. Usually if we go in to save people, we blow our whistle so the other guards know we are going in for a save and they can help us if we need it. Well, about a week ago, so many people had to be saved from that slide that the people swimming were scared because they though our park was unsafe and they started asking for a refund. The new rule is that you can't blow your whistle unless you really need help. Well, when I initially went in to assist the man, I didn't need help, but he was so aggressive and so strong, and so determined to push me under to save himself, that I really needed help. well, he was holding me under and I was trying to save us both, so I really cou;dn't grab my whistle and blow it. Because I couldn't blow my whistle, nobody knew I needed help. Finally one of the other guards noticed something was wrong and they blew their whistle.I yelled at this guy on the side of the pool that I needed help and he jumped in and helped me pull the guy all the way to the side of the pool and get him out... and then the other lifeguards came to help. Lol  I have scratches all over my neck, chest, and back from the guy clawing at me. Well anyways I'm still freaked out, and haven't really felt like eating for the past few days, and it's been a 3 day water fast for me. I'm totally cheating on the Skinny Girl Diet. I lost 3 pounds so far and i'm feeling slightly smaller. Back to the diet plan tomorrow.
On a happier note, I got the job. My first day it Friday at 3 and I'm so excited. Gonna go see some fireworks tomorrow night with my BF. Stay strong everybody.
P.S. How did this week go for everybody?


  1. Oh my gosh that is terrifying! I hope you're okay. xxxxx

  2. I've drowned before, it's the most terrifying thing. I had a surfing accident and got caught in a rip tide. I died for two minutes. I woke up with lungs full of sand and my whole body felt like it was burning. It was horrific.


  3. sorry this is random.... but i saw your post on a blog looking for ana buddies, iam too! you sound cool and all my friends would SOOO NOT aprove of me getting as thin as iam shooting for and was wondering if you or anyone else is looking for someone to just check in with and find support for losing weight! :) iam looking for a friend who together we can encourage weight loss and make it fun along the way. iam 20 and weigh 105, my ideal weight is between 95 and 100 MOST. this COULD sound extreme but iam sorta short being only 5'5, iam vegan and hypoglocemic though so i have to be VERY careful. i got down to 100 about a month ago and started having anxiety attacks cause i wasnt eating right so i had to gain the weight back and start over the HEALTHY way. PLEASE contact me!!! @ id love to hear your story :)

  4. my facebook is: i have NO idea how to get around on this google "blogging" account lol sorry so face me! :)