Tuesday, February 18, 2014

8 Days a Week

Everything was going so wonderfully until Valentines day. So many sweets and heavy foods :( which turned into a "Friday night- Monday sleep all day and binge one last time"-a-thon. You know how those cycles go. So infuriating. That's behind me though. I'm going to massively restrict until Friday morning, and then I'll weigh in again. I need to focus until I'm <130 lbs then I'll change things up and shift my focus to goal weight #2. I'm just feeling bloated and disgusting currently, so I'll leave you for now. 
Au Revoir, 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Does it Almost Feel Like Nothing's Changed at All?

I just keep telling myself, hold out until Valentine's Day. And ya know what? I think I've finally done it. Something just kind of clicked for me this past week, and I've been restricting like a champion. I'm trying to remember what I've ate this week.

 I think Friday I had cereal in the morning, and then something small for dinner, idk really. Saturday, I worked all day, no breakfast or lunch, and then had some steak after work. Sunday, I fasted all day again until family dinner. We had beef stew, and I had just one small serving, then a 1/2 inch slice of cake for my dad's birthday. On Monday, I had a small bowl of the same stew because dad made me take home leftovers, and then a small apple with natural peanut butter after practice. Yesterday, I had 1/2 a chicken shawarma (250ish) and then an apple with PB for dinner (250?)

 I haven't been weighing in because if I see a low number on the scale, I then become too lenient with myself and I mess things up. I just need to keep pushing. The good thing about Valentine's day is that both of us have to work in the evening, so we are going to do a lunch or breakfast date for vday. That means I'll have all day to digest the probably heavy calorie filled food we will consume, and it can't really trigger a binge, bc I'll be at work all night, and I can't binge there.

I've decided that I'm going to weigh 117 by my birthday. This gives me about 6 weeks to lose about 15lbs, or 2.5 lbs per week. That shouldn't be too hard right? I'm going to start eating all apples again for about a week, and maybe that will give me a good jump start like last time. I will weigh in on valentine's morning, and I'm hoping against hope that I'm under 130, but 128 is the goal.

Wish me Luck!
<3 Sunshine