Tuesday, February 18, 2014

8 Days a Week

Everything was going so wonderfully until Valentines day. So many sweets and heavy foods :( which turned into a "Friday night- Monday sleep all day and binge one last time"-a-thon. You know how those cycles go. So infuriating. That's behind me though. I'm going to massively restrict until Friday morning, and then I'll weigh in again. I need to focus until I'm <130 lbs then I'll change things up and shift my focus to goal weight #2. I'm just feeling bloated and disgusting currently, so I'll leave you for now. 
Au Revoir, 


  1. That's one thing I can't stand about holidays is all the food. I hope you're feeling better and I hope you weight goes down by Friday.

  2. Sorry about the bad days.
    Good job on the plan.
    I know you can do it, you can do anything.


  3. Are you looking for an ana buddy?