Friday, December 6, 2013

Now You See Me...

"Are you sure? Bangs are a big commitment! You'll have to style them every day. Nobody is going to recognize you either..."

After that last line, how could I not be sure? Being able to pass through town unrecognized. No one stopping you to talk, because they have no idea who you are any more. Unrecognizable. Able to just disappear on a moments notice. 


I apologize for letting my grief overtake me these past weeks, and neglecting my weight loss competition. I've been eating and eating and eating... Ugh 


We still have about three weeks left. There is no excuse to not drop at least 6 pounds by then, but hopefully more like 10. I'm having a fasting contest with a friend, and I'm taking a pic of my gigantic body each morning, so you can see the amazing difference fasting can make in your life. After I finally give in, hopefully I can go 4 days at least, I will be restricting like crazy. 800 calories is the ultimate threshold for calorie consumption. Even if I have a holiday function. Even if I'm sick. Even if I have gymnastics practice. I am out of excuses and I am out of patience. This is it...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tomorrow , Tomorrow, I'll Love ya Tomorrow!

Dealing with my Grandpa's death has been hard, but I'm feeling better a little. Been eating waaaaay too much lately.I'll be back and posting tomorrow <3