Friday, July 29, 2011


                                                                                                                                                                     So I just get my computer back from the shop because it had a virus and they took like 2 1/2 weeks to fix it. Then, I left my laptop by the couch and my boyfriend set a bag of ice down on it, and it melted down all over my computer! Oh my gosh. I was sooooo mad. My screen had so much water behind it and it wouldn't work and if you pressed one key, it typed like ten letters. Ugh, he felt so bad, but ion the end he managed to dry everything out, and it seems to be working fine now. So our plan to do the ABC diet together kind of failed lol  Anyways, I'm starting up a big binder full of diets and exercises and food journal logs and workout logs and all stuff and it's gonna be my big old thinspo book :) I'm super excited! How has everyone been?


  1. bad luck all round for your laptop eh?! I've just bought loads of notebooks and journals to log everything that I do down, plus goals and thinspo - it's rather exciting! xx

  2. ive got a book like that :) for a bit of thinspo reading on the weak days they rock lol much love xxx

  3. I would be so damn frustrated if that happened! I'm glad that it got all worked out though.

    Good idea on the book. I think that I should do that as well. I have a couple different notebooks that it might be good to compile together of past eating logs, etc.

  4. I have a notebook like that, but it's a bit pathetic lol I should put more into it.

    I've missed reading your posts, glad your computer is working again <3

  5. Just found your blog, love it!

    I'm working on my thinspo scrapbook too :)) It's a work in progress right now... like ME! Looking forward to more posts.



  6. I also just found your blog. :) it's great.

    I put together a thinspo powerpoint - wow geeky much? I watch it every morning with my cup of black coffee or when i am feeling tempted or uninspired.
    Scrap book sounds like an awesome idea. Looking forward to being here more often.

    H ♥

  7. Thanks for all of the sympathy about my laptop! It's pretty much working now, except sometimes the spacebar doesn't work and the enter button does not work at all. Lol I have to make sure my thinspo book looks more like it's just a fitness book incase my boyfriend finds it because we live together and he gets suspicious sometimes. I should just tell him I've decided to get really serious about my conditioning for gymnastics. He would totally support that. Haylen, I would love to see your powerpoint. It sounds like a really good idea to me. <3 Stay strong everyone