Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little Moment of Happiness!

So I have a job interview tomorrow for a waitress job at a country club!!! I already make pretty good money life guarding at the pool, but this job would be amazing! I would be working like four nights each week and the cool thing is base pay is $10 per hour and if you have more experience, they pay more if you have more experience. I work in this fancy Italian restaurant for almost two years and was a part time manager. Also, I'm going to be making lots of tips! Hopefully, I get the job :) I want to look nice for the interview, so I went to the store to get some dress pants. The selection was pretty limited, but I found 3 pairs that I liked. I grabbed US size 6 pants in each style and headed for the dressing room. I put on the first pair and they nearly fell off of me. I looked at the tag in disbelief and it said they were size 6 slim waisted!!!! I'm not joking. I could pull the waist of the pants about four inches away from my hips while I was wearing them. They were freaking huge. I tried on the other two pairs with the same result :) I quickly redressed and headed back to the rack to find a smaller size. In one of the styles,the smallet size they had was size 6 so those were out. I found a size 4 in one style and a size 2 in the other style. I put on the size 4 first so I wouldn't be disgusted if the size 2 was really tight and I couldn't get them on. I put on the size 4 and to my surprise, they were still a little loose in the waist and the upper thigh area :)! I put on the size 2 pants and they fit beautifully! Omg they were so beautiful. I liked the color of the size 4 pants more so I went back to the rack, but there was no size 2 :( The pants were on sale though so I ended up buying both pairs. Fitting into those size 2 pants really boosted me up for the rest of the day. I really hope I get the job tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. A size 2 is pretty awesome. I'm still stuck in 6's and very rarely 4's if the brand runs big, so congrats to you! And I bet the extra boost couldn't hurt your interview either. Hope that went well. =)

  2. omg im fricken jealous girl! good job