Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weigh in 3!

Don't stop. Please please please don't stop! That is my desperate plea to my metabolism. This 1,200 calories per day thing is really amazing. I was supposed to be at 129.48 lbs I'm at 128.8!!!!! Oh my goodness I can't believe this :D I am so amazed with my body right now, and I can't believe how close my trip is getting and how close I am to my goal weight before the trip! I guess next week I have to post my half way progress pic. I can't wait until I get around 125lbs because last time I was at 125.8 I had some very minuscule thigh gap. s soon as my toes heal up, I am going to start running every single day for an hour. It will be wonderful :) I'm so glad I haven't plateaued yet! This is crazy!! How is everyone else doing? My friend that I'm going to stay with in Italy told me to pack light and to bring mainly dresses and longer skirts. Soo today I made a long skirt that doubles as a strapless dress                        I'm so crafty lol. I have to power clean the house really quick before the bf gets home! TTYL 


  1. OMG that is beautiful. And congrats on doing so wonderfully fantastic! You're so motivating =) You already have a bit of a thigh gap from what I can see. You look amazing sweetie!

  2. That's amazing, I'm sure you will make your goal weight in time! And if all goes to plan I'll make my first goal too :)
    Very cool skirt-dress :) I like it best as a dress :)
    You are so tall! I always forget :P and skinny of course :)
    Lottie x

  3. I love your skirt/dress! You look amazing by the way. I hope you have fun on your trip!
    All my support,
    <3 A Fragile Heart

  4. your sooo tiny! that 128lbs is definitely bone ;)

  5. Wow you made that?! Thats so pretty. I love it <3