Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am the Walrus

   Literally, I feel like a walrus right now. I am stuck at 128. Good news my abs are looking better every day. Bad news, I'm 2.1 lbs behind on my weight loss. My thighs do not look any smaller or tighter. I go to  Italy in about 4 weeks, so theoretically , I could lose 8 more lbs by Italy and still get to 120. I might need to change things up with my eating and exercise. More running for sure. I'm not feeling too great at the moment. My period is 2 days late and I feel all bloated and disgusting. I kept messing up a skill at gymnastics, so I had to do 50 push ups every time I messed up. I'm so sore  right now it's terrible. I need your help ! Tell me, What are your best tips/exercises for thigh gap?? 


  1. Hey sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Sadly I still have big chunky thighs. I think most people get the gap automatically when they get down in weight.

    I will suggest inner thigh lifts and outer thigh lefts. You can add a weight or resistance band to make the movement harder. Hope I helped a little.

    Congrats on your abs! They look amazing by the way. Don't worry those thighs will catch up in no time.

  2. Leg lifts and lying on your side circling your leg :) not that I have a thigh gap!
    I'm sure you can make it to 120 by the time you get to Italy :) good luck!
    Lottie x

  3. I'm stuck at 127 lbs at the moment with a month to get to 120 lbs, so I know how you feel. Try leg lifts definitely. You'll get there, 4 weeks is plenty of time to lose 8 lbs if you stay focused. Good luck.

  4. I've just discovered your blog and that's funny because we look very much alike ^^
    I'm stuck at 125 lbs and I'm trying to get to 116 lbs before ... going to Italy !
    Are you going to Roma ? Will this be your first time in Italy ?

    Good luck for everything ! :)