Friday, May 4, 2012

Until Italy

I will still be sticking to the 1200 calories per day, but with a few exceptions. Before, I was just letting myself eat whatever I wanted to as long as I stayed at or under 1200. New rules. No fried foods. No fast food. No take out food. No ordering pizza. Limit cheese, red meat, sugars (except fruit). No ice cream. No chips. No candy. I want 6 weeks of water, fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, whole grains. I want to clean out my system totally for the first time in my life. Until my next weigh in (Tuesday morning) I can only have raw fruits and vegetables, vitamins, my cleanse pills, water, tea, and honey. I am super stoked. Can I do this? I can and I will. I need these thighs to go away!


  1. Clean eating is the best. I honestly believe it is the best way to live. You can doooo this. We all get stuck in fast food ruts sometimes. Goooo Team! Xo

  2. Think positive, you can do it. :)
    I think I'll try and join you on this. I've stocked up on green tea too! I need to be able to look ok-ish in a bikini before the summer...