Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be Careful Who You Trust: Anorexia Coaches

This is a public service announcement for all my readers. Please, please,please, be careful with who you trust. There are a lot of people out there who would like to hurt you or take advantage of you for no reason at all. It's really ridiculous the kind of sick people there are in this world, but it's a fact, so just be on your guard. So I don't know if you all remember, but a few months ago, I told you about this creepy guy who wanted to help me be anorexic. He contacted me through email and told me he would help coach me on not eating, but I had to send him pics of myself so he could see how much he needed to help me. That's a big red flag right there. Oh and also, why would someone want to help you be anorexic? This guy told me his name was Tanner. Just recently, another guy contacted me saying he would coach me. His name this time said Justin AMTM. It was the same sort of thing, and I played along so I could see what the hell this guys deal was. This time he didn't want to text ( probably so I wouldn't recognize the phone number) but he wanted to chat on instant message. He didn't have a blog or anything. He kept pressing me about fasting and what I do to lose weight and whatever else.Whenever I asked him why he was even involved in this, he would always get  defensive and say something like, " well if you don't trust me then I'll just leave you alone", so that I would drop the question. Umm, seriously? Why the fuck would I trust someone that wont give any information about themselves  but they want to know everything about you. Last night, I finally told him that I needed info about himself and low and behold, when I tried to email him this morning because he never responded, the email address no longer exists! I don't want to see anybody get taken advantage of manipulated, so watch out for these creeps. If he struck once, and probably twice, he will strike again. Does anyone else have experience with this?


  1. I had a friend who said she talked to a person like this, they asked her eventually to do weird shit like stick pens up her ass and fuck herself with a plunger.. ya stay away.

    1. That's f**king disgusting :( I hate creepers

  2. That is really weird
    and I hate how people act on other peoples vulnerability its horrible
    glad u got out safe

  3. wait..what?? now that's what I call insanity personified; I guess some people really enjoy having others under total control, but this is just sick..

    take care, darling.

  4. So, so sick and twisted
    What complete psychos
    I just dread to think of them preying on young girls and them getting sucked in to that madness

    Thanks for the warning x

  5. 949 478 5562?? I got a few messages from this number from a "Tanner" too!

  6. hey, got another "coach" txt from the same area code. I asked if it was Tanner and he freaked. Be careful out there. xoxo

  7. Ew I just got a msg on kik from a dude who did the exact same thing, he was like, "how submissive can u be?" And I was like wtf I'm not like that. He was trying to get me to send him a body pic, he was all like "why am I still waiting for a body pic" I said: excuse me idk who the hell you think you are but you better go figure it out. And I blocked his sorry self. Some people are so pathetic. I hope no girl ever falls for this kind of crap.