Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Measurable Motivation

 So I went to the bank today and put in $500 mostly in small bills, drawing many a stare from the curious bank tellers. I just love when the older lady behind the counter asks with a knowing smile, " Oh, where do you work at?"  I'm a waitress, not a stripper! Anywhoo, so after that, I went shopping at Target and got toilet paper, a new wallet, white Keds, gladiator sandals, a grey tank, a black tank, a fedora, and  some black jean shorts. When I started all of this, I wore size 7 jeans, now I'm in size 5 (Hollister), and they're getting loose, so I bought the shorts in a size 3 as motivation to keep shrinking. As you can see from the picture, I fit in the shorts, but they are very tight, and they give me a slight muffin top :( I swear my sides don't naturally look like that! By spring's beginning, March 20, they will fit beautifully!! That's a promise :) My hips are small enough, I just have huge thighs. I can fix that.  I'll also post a very happy weight update soon, but you'll just have to wait to find out how far I've come.Do any of my lovely readers have a motivational clothing item? I'd love to hear about it <3


  1. Hey, for some reason the photos aren't showing up on my computer... but I'm sure you will be into those shorts in no time! You have been doing so well :)
    As for motivational clothing items, once I bought a size 8 dress that was too small so I kept it too fit into, but at the moment I just want to fit back into my small jeans before the weather cools down, yep I know I suck...
    Anyways good luck and take care <3
    Alice xx

  2. The photos worked this time, and just by the way your thighs are NOT fat! You look great and fit too :) xx

  3. I don't see any muffin top! You're definitely closer to a 3 than a 5. Sounds like you had a good little shopping spree though :) xx

  4. You look amazing, no muffin top! Gymnasts are supposed to have muscular legs.

  5. I never wear jeans or trousers I feel my shape is too difined.. To macho ! I hide under floating skirts and dresses .. Maybe one day my legs will be slender enough , and hips small enough to slip into a pair of skinnies . Xx You look good :)