Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Slim Down

Target Date: 3-20-13 Days left (including today)= 7 Daily intake = <600 Refined carbs= not allowed. Fruit & veg = just about the only thing I'm allowed. Daily BMR (-1400) x 7= -9800 Daily running -300 x 7= -2100 Gymnastics = at least -1600. Plus whatever I burn at 25 hours of waitressing.  Total burn = > -13,500 (3.86 lbs) Every single freaking thing that passes my lips will be accounted for. I will write it down before eating it so i can decided if it's really worth it or not. I really hate this. I swear it's always 2 steps forward one step back. I want to be skinny for spring :(

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