Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Damn Bread

Ok, so I did well all day yesterday having just meat, cheese, soy milk, and eggs. Then, my BF brought home a loaf of herb and garlic french bread and a Milky Way bar... Why does he torture me so? We all know where this is going right? A late night binge of a candy bar, a huge chunk of bread, and a granola bar. Why!? Well, I'll just eat extra healthy food today and try to restrict more to stay way under the 1200 calorie limit today. 

Today you can eat whatever food you please so long as there is no refined sugars, fried foods, junk food, prepackaged snacks, etc. Just nice whole grains, fruit, veg, and protein. Dairy is not out of the question, but keep it in check. Ice cream does not count as a dairy product. It is junk and you don't need it. Just keep your head up today and lets make it through. That Friday weigh in is creeping up on us! 
How will you measure up? 

Ab workout for today= 
75 crunches
75 sit ups
5x 30 second planks
50 legs lifts
Get it done, ladies!


  1. It wasn't that much food sweetie. I'm proud of you for not beating yourself up over it though. Keep up the hard work and that Friday weigh in will be wonderful.

  2. My day was so-so. Mostly protein shakes (I get the soy protein isolate in bulk that has 0 carbs. I don't do whey protein or dairy because dairy seems to be a trigger food for me) but by dinner I ate a shit-ton of veggies. All non-starchy, except half a tomato. total cal:1,200
    I strength trained with weights/bands for 1 hour and biked about 10 miles. I usually do more in a day but the weather sucked and I had to take the bus home instead of bike it, lol.