Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Silly Me!

It's Tuesday!! That means we need an exercise challenge today. Let's start off with something simple. I want 25 minutes of cardio activity today. Ride a bike, swim, dance, jump around like a crazy person. I don't care what you do so long as you get it done. I am going to get to the gym early today and jump rope for my cardio. I finally figured out how to jumprope without tripping and whipping myself with the damn rope. Yay me!

I just realized that I should probably post my ab workout on Monday morning, not after I complete it. The problem with that is I get out of practice around 10 PM, so everyone reading this has already finish their Monday by the time  I post. Silly time zones. If anyone is still interested, I did a super fast workout of 50 sit-ups, 50 crunches, 50 oblique twists, 50 butterfly kicks, and then I did some hollow body holds. My abs were burning so badly after wards. How did everyone do with the fruit and veg day? I'll admit, it was a huge challenge, but I think I did ok.

Breakfast = huge soy protein shake   (300)
Lunch= Mango (50) cliff granola bar , oops :/ (200)
Snack= Snow peas and hummus (150)
Dinner= Home made vegetable soup, sooooo good (350?) I had a lot lol
Total= 1050? 

I like to estimate high so I know I'm safe calorie wise.
It is killing me to not be able to weigh myself. I want to know if I'm losing any weight! It's so tempting to jump on that damn scale. Anyway, I'm looking forward to today's challenge. 800 calories of pure protein :) So far I've had a chunk of Gouda Cheese and some roast beef. I'm probably around (150) for breakfast, and I feel stuffed. I need to make sure I drink my 8 cups of lemon water today. Having enough water has always been a challenge to me. It's just so heavy in my stomach. O well. How did you all do yesterday? <3 Sunshine

P.S.  I'm thinking of doing a drastic change with my hair. I'm thinking some half moon bangs and some layers. Right now my hair is just all the same length and super long. Its down to my butt when I brush it out. I still want it to be long, but I need change! Anyone with bang experience out there? Do you love them, hate them? Lemme know :)


  1. For the challenge yesterday I couldn't do a fruit/veg fast because I couldn't get to the store to buy fruit. I stuck to zero calorie foods (shirataki noodles, chicken broth, pickles, etc.) I'm making up for a Sunday binge, so by tomorrow I'll need to get my butt in gear in the challenge, lol!
    Protein fasts are awesome for weight loss, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My body could use it after a fast, and pure protein is almost impossible to overindulge on and even if you do it's the least likely macro-nutrient to get stored as fat:) I read if you overeat on fat, 98% of those excess fat calories go directly to fat storage, where as 75% of excess calories in carbs are stored as fat. Only about 2/3 of excess calories of protein will go into storage. Sorry for rambling, lol.

  2. I did a horrible job on the challenge yesterday! I started out ok with pineapple for breakfast and some carrots and vegetable soup for lunch (and drinking lots of water) but then I had a huge face stuffing for dinner and extending through work... I think those are likely brought on by stress or something... and I puked it all up. So that happened. I'm sorry if that triggers people or shouldn't be said, I just want to be truthful. Let me know if I should leave that information out in the future.
    I watched a documentary movie yesterday called Fat Head that talks a bunch about truths and lies about fat, protein, and carbs, as well as fast food. Pretty informative if anyone is interested.
    Also, I am always a supporter of new hair/ bangs. You should post a picture if that ends up happening!