Friday, November 1, 2013

Countdown to the Holidays Challenge

If you've been tuned in to my sad little saga for some time, you'll know that I don't often meet the deadlines I set for myself. So, the details of the challenge I was going to post last night are being posted now :) So, in case you haven't heard, I'm hosting a weight loss challenge! It is going to run from today until Christmas eve. Give yourself the gift of a perfect body this holiday season! Wow, I sound like a commercial now lol  Anyways... 
Here are the basic rules for the challenge:
1. Fridays are weigh days
* If you are participating in the challenge, I'm going to post a check in post on Friday mornings. You should comment on the post  with your weight, or your loss for the week :)
2. You can feel free to join in the challenge at any time
3. Only weigh in on Friday mornings.
* I know it's tempting, but I don't want you to be discouraged by small fluctuations throughout the week. Plus, this makes your weight loss a surprise!
4. Proper hydration is key! 8 glasses per day of water
5. Follow the daily themes! It's gonna be fun, trust me.

 Each day of the week will have a theme:
Meager Meatless Mondays=
 No meat, no dairy and no bread today. Try to fill up on around 1000 calories of pure, unrefined fruit and vegetables. I know, its a lot of calories, and a lot of food, but it will do wonders for your body. Try to incorporate an ab workout today. I'll post my personal workout on this day :)
Tiny Tummy Tuesday=
Today is all about debloating the tummy. Aim for 8 glasses of lemon water to flush out toxins and get rid of excess water. Try to make today as low as possible on carbs. 800 cal or less of pure protein; eggs, meat, fish, nuts, legumes, soy. Whatever  floats your boat :) I'll post an exercise challenge each Tuesday.
No Worries Wednesday=
Today is kind of a free day. Eat whatever clean foods you want, but stay under 1200! Absolutely no junk food, candy, cakes, chips, etc. Another abs workout day!
Thinking Thin Thursday=
Cut carbs and calories today. The maximum is 500 calories. Try to limit the carbs to those found in whole fruits and veg. Make sure to get some nice protein as well. Today is a last chance to cut out weight before the weigh in tomorrow morning! Also, cutting way back will help with fasting tomorrow. 
Fasting Friday=
It's weigh day!!! Get your skinny ass up on the scale and report your wonderful loss on my weigh in post. Only water/tea/coffee today. No sweeteners. Trust me on this one. Just take a day each week to let your boy heal and detox. Evaluate your loss this week. No hard exercise today. 
Soup and Smoothie Saturday=
If you made it through the fast, you haven't had real food since Wednesday. You don't want to shock your system too badly with a sudden belly full of food. Let's have around 900 cal of healthy soup and smoothies. Be gentle on your body. Work those abs out today!!
Funday Sunday!=
This is family dinner day for me, so I can't be too restrictive. Today is a free day, so eat what you wish. Try to listen to your body and only eat if you are hungry. Allow your self one treat, but keep it in moderation. No other junk foods or bad foods allowed except your treat. Try to keep the treat or dessert under 350

Any comments, concerns or questions? Let me know <3 Sunshine

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  1. I'm trying this out with you. Today was a bit of a struggle, as I'm not used to just fruit & veg with no fillers, but there we go. Excited to try out fasting friday. First day of no food, EVER. O.o