Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Round 2

10 Day Challenge

OK beautiful people! Here We go again!! Ten day challenge part 2. Last time I lost around 11 pounds in 10 days, and I hope I can see similar results this time. I weighed in this morning after 3 days of binging at 130.4lbs My next goal weight is 130 so I hope to be there tomorrow morning. I would love it if I had some buddies to do this challenge with me so I can see how it works for everybody else. I'm so excited. I hope to be down to at least 127 by the end of this. That would be so incredibly awesome :) Here are the rule in case you are interested in joining me                                                                                                                             Breakfast-Sugar Free Red Bull, Monster, Tea, Coffee (or other energy drink)

Lunch-Activia Light Yogurt, or other low fat yogurt

Snack Throughout All Day-Herbal Decaf Tea and as many Negative Calorie Foods as you want

Dinner-Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Sleep-7-9 Hours

Exercise-Yoga, Pilates, Weights, Cardio, Swimming, Anything You Feel Comfortable With

Weigh In-Every Morning and Post Stats as often as possible    


  1. I am already doing something very similar but also have a little wholegrain carbs as need the energy for work and drink ALOT of coffee, but will try to follow the above ten day challenge and see how it works for me, as of this morning i am 128lbs, would love to get to 120. will keep you posted

    best of luck to you


  2. I have like 10lbs to lose in 9 days, so I am IN! Let's do this! Woop!

  3. Hello thanks for the comment I think I have tried those pills before I lost alot of weight with green tea tablets in the begining but now nothing seems to work. The ten day diet looks pretty good only problem with me doing any kind of diet like this is dinner. My hubby and kids always want to know WHY I am not eating. drives me crazy and most the time this is when I purge or I purge when my bord fat ass is sitting at work and I think I need to eat eat eat. off to read more of you blog!