Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wow I am excited! First of all, I stayed under my 600 calories limit. I drank my water. I drew, stretched, sewed a cute laptop sleeve for my laptop, studied, and blogged. I worked out my abs and I'm feeling good. My something to feel good was I made my beautiful laptop case and was complimented on it. I'm not gonna lie, I weighed in yesterday morning at 136.2 but I think it was all food weight or something because at the end of the day I was at 135. I woke up this morning at 132.2!!! I am so excited :) I love this plan. I feel so light and wonderful. Another gymnast last night commented on how I'm getting stronger. I think I just feel stronger because there is less weight to move around :) Oh happy day. My BMI is now 20.1 down from my start at 21.74. I lost 1.64 bmi points. My total weight loss from the beginning of the 10 day challenge and into this is currently 10.8 pounds! This is exhilarating. How is everybody else doing?

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