Friday, September 9, 2011

Rainy Day

I woke up this morning wrapped in the arms of my amazing boyfriend. It's chilly in the house, but being cuddled by him made me so warm and happy. He ran his hand across my waist and over my hip bone and whispered, "You're so skinny" I kind of wonder if he notices that I lost eight pounds so fast. He's the kind of guy the doesn't notice things at first. Like if I got 7 inches of hair cut off it would take him a month to notice. Maybe he'll notice when I'm down to 130lbs. I can't wait until that day! I want him to notice and compliment me and make me feel wonderful.That would be the best, because if he noticed, that means everybody else is noticing too :) I'm taking some art classes at the university so I can go for that starving artist thing. I can wait to start wearing sweaters with leggings and boots, and I'm taking up knitting and crocheting to keep these hands busy and away from food. Also, I need some new dance tights and shoes. I can't wait for it to get just a little bit colder so that I can wear my autumn clothes and not get all hot and sweaty when it heats up in the afternoon. I'm going to start weighing in on Wednesday mornings and posting it on the blog. When I get down to 130, I'm going to post some pictures :) so I can show my progress. I'm excited. 


  1. Thanks for the follow! I've been looking for a "picture buddy", someone who'll agree to post pics at some agreed-upon date so I don't chicken out.

    Your boyfriend sounds amazing :) And starving artist sounds like my cup of tea.

  2. I'll post pic for sure! It's great motivation

  3. Comements like that are great :) and I'm so glad you're feeling so motivated, your loss was amazing!
    I can't wait for it to be cold enough for huge jumpers and tights :) starving artist is a very cool style :)
    Lottie x

  4. Yay knitting and crochet! Be sure to share your projects with us! (Er, I'd share mine, except I never finish anything....)

  5. Well done with your loss Miss!
    I love it when my boyfriend comments like that too. Sometimes I love that he notices but then I hate it cause he will get on my back that I'm not eating enough! Just make sure you eat some in front of him, always does the trick =]