Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"You're legs are looking better than ever!" Wow. That's what my boyfriend said to me last night. Hehe :) I knew he would like a skinnier me. My hip bones are becoming more pronounced. I'm starting to see those bones that go across your chest. I guess they're ribs? I don't know lol. Ooooh and my abs are coming out and if starting to see that v of muscle that goes between your hip bones. Enough about my bones and such lol... Ne ways, about yesterday. Only giving myself a 1 on the food because I did well all day until I went on a salsa and chips binge. UGH I don't think I did too much damage though... Weight stayed the same and this makes me happy bc I have a bunch of food weight sitting in my tummy so after that is out, the weight will D R O P. I'm so excited about this challenge still. For my Tuesday challenge: Do something you've been putting off, I finally redid my toenail polish. I'm not joking, I had silver chipped nasty lookin polish still left from my cousins wedding (August 15th) That's nasty... Any ways :p I can't wait until my knitting and crochet books get here. They're supposed to arrive sometime today. I'm excited to start making hats and mittens. Oooo and leg warmers. I'm so excited to get started. Also, it will keep my hands busy and away from food.YAY Today's Challenge: Random act of kindness.