Monday, September 26, 2011

Time For Plan B

I haven't weighed in for a few days. I don't like having to keep track of points that don't really have any significance or value for me. I like being able to title my posts what I want instead of having to just post a bunch of numbers. Sooooo, I'm going to start up on round 2 of the ten day challenge and go from there. I hope everyone is well. I just bought a bunch of fluffy thick yarn to crochet with.I also bought a bunch of pretty amazing glitter to make wonderful little happy things with. I want to find a tiny glass bottle with a cork, fill it with pretty glitter and make it into a necklace and I will wear my magical fairy dust everywhere lmao I'm insane. Does anybody want to do this challenge with me? So much homework I need to catch up on for tomorrow. The house is a mess so I need to get cleaning. Happy skinniness!


  1. It sounds really cool! What is the ten day challenge?

  2. Haha you're not insane! I wish I could carry around a necklace full of happiness and magical fairy dust!
    What is your 10 day challange?
    It's just that I've seen variations, I'm keen to try it!

  3. Here's the link, and I'll post it on your page too so you can see it.

  4. Wait!? Where did your blog go? It disappeared :(