Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Haters Always Hating

Some people really just don't get it... Check out the comment somebody left on one of my posts here. Seriously, if you don't approve of pro-ana, stay off of my blog.


  1. I just read that comment. those people. they just really don't get it, they don't understand how we feel, how we see ourselves and how we wanna try and obtain perfection to fill the gaping hole in our hearts. just ignore em <3

  2. Go to a health freak blog if you wanna read something judgemental. We are like the least judgemental ppl. I hate looking at a fat person and thinking they are fat! I don't like to put on others what my problem is, even in my thoughts! GRRR. I can't believe some ppl! Whoever that was, is judging us! Is judging you. Everytime you call a person 'judgemental', you are pointing the finger right back at yourself! Duh. Judgement is given to us so we can keep ourselves out of a situation that is bad for us. Not to throw yourself into the sitch and ANNOUNCE that you are judging it's a bad sitch. That's just ignorant and stupid!

  3. yay... hopefully they just keep off of my blog from now on. I don't need the negativity. Thanks for the support <3