Saturday, September 3, 2011

Almost Over!

Weighed in today, 134.6. Not too shabby. Weigh in tomorrow morning, then last day of the challenge, then one more weigh in. Let's see if I can't get it down to 134 flat or maybe under :)that woul'd be 9 pounds lost in 10 days and that would be wonderful! Oh I'm so excited. Then I'm going to start up my slim fast  plan. I'm going to make up new ruled and see how it work out for me for a week. Oh, I'm soo freaking excited.


  1. 9 pounds in 10 days is amazing, congrads!

  2. WOW! 9 lbs in 1o days is remarkable! You have every reason to be excited! Good luck with your new plan...stay strong!

  3. You are doing soo great! Im soo happy for you:D Nine pounds is wayy better than even I did! Stay Strong Dollface, adversity will try to strke but always remember we are here for you! Look into The Holiday Challenge too, new to my blog. <3