Thursday, September 8, 2011

This and That

It's weird not being on the ten day challenge anymore. I almost feel like I have too much freedom in what I choose which is going to lead to some major binges. I mean , if I was only eating fruit veggies and yogurt like before, it would be not as big of a deal if I binged on those foods. So far, this has not been the case. Last night, my boyfriend decided he wanted McDonalds and he got me some. A McDouble with cheese and a medium fries. I was going to just eat a little and put the rest away but I ended up tearing through the burger and fries and ate a lot of his fries and then a bunch of candy... Good thing I played a lot of tennis and did gymnastics yesterday. No gain on the scales this morning. I bought a bunch of those 100 calorie pack things so I can keep portion control better and I came up with a plan to use my slim fast which I will post after this. So far today I've had for breakfast: V8 juice( 30) and 100calorie bar Lunch: 100calorie pack Oreo thins, V8 juice (70) and fruit (50) bringing my total to about 350calories. I have work right after school, so I'll have a quick snack/dinner because they make us eat at work. I'm gonna try for just a plain salad or some fruit and veggies and try to keep under 200 calories. That would be wonderful! I need to stay away from the kitchen while i'm waiting tables or I'll keep eating pita chips and rolls ugh I need to stay strong


  1. hey, do you think you could tell me about your ten day plan? doing a trek at weekend so need to eat to keep energy up for that but seriously need to shed the pounds after that as currently stuck at the 1 stone loss mark, wanna shed another 2 stone by christmas!
    any help would be great

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