Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ok so some good news. As of this morning I am 130.8!! I was stuck at 131.something for so long I couldn't stand it. I'm super excited for 130!! I'm so close to my second goal weight it's incredible. Only .8 pounds to go that's only 12.8 ounces :) WOw o wow! I still have a really bad cough and it hurts my chest. Other than that, I'm starting to fell a whole lot better. I'm so freaking excited about my weight loss. My hip bones used to just stick out at the front but now I'm starting to see that curve around the top part. My abs are becoming more and more defined each day. I took a lovely picture of my poppin collar bones on Saturday that I'll have to show everyone in a post later tonight. Today I have to do something I've been putting off. I'm going to clean out my car and/or fold laundry, because the pile is getting huge. I need to do so much more strength training for gymnastics. I'm so proud though because so many of my skills are getting easier and look better with more weight loss. I'm almost down 13 pounds in one month. This is sooooo amazing. I feel like Alice after she took the shrink potion. Good luck in all your endeavors ladies! How was everyone's weekend?


  1. Wow, you're doing so well :) i would love to see pictures and keep up the good work!
    Lottie x

  2. Omigosh! Your doing sooo much better than me on this Challenge. It still needs a name, I think. And, I wanna add a specific exercise challenge(daily) to meet my needs. Any ideas for a name? Anyways, wow! I am thoroughly jealous. I suck at spelling! I can't get to 106 to save my damn life or take it! Crap heads on a stikk! Okay. I'm just venting a bit on your page. woops.
    What I mean is, you are lovely and I am soo proud of you. I'm using you as inspiration, if that's okay. I'm really motivated now. This is good. Love ya Darling! Keep up the AMAZING work! Seriously, Stay Super Strong<3

  3. I love your comments! You always seem to make me smile. I agree that this needs a name, and we should do a exercise challenge together :) There's a thing online called the 100 push up challenge and also the 200 sit up challenge or something like that lol and it's basically a plan where you do a certain amount each day and it gradually increases until you can do 100 push ups in a row and 200 sit ups! I want to try it out so badly so I can get killer abs and tone my arms. Also, I need to keep up with my ballet stuff, because that makes me feel all light and graceful. What were you thinking for an exercise challenge?

  4. omg!!!! that is amazing!! you are doing so great, i am terribly jealous. i get down to 135 but then i go up to 140 within a few days lol! grrr