Thursday, September 22, 2011


Alrighty quick update. Stupid weight will not budge so I need to crank up the cardio :) I like when my weight stays the same for a few days because then, all of the sudden, it just plummets for a few days and the anticipation makes me super happy. Only giving myself a 1 on food because I went over a little bit because for some reason I decided to eat vegetarian chili which was not planned for. Water was good, challenges and exercise good. I need need need to keep up with my ballet and abs! Also, i think that if you comment on somebodies post on blogger, then blogger should notify you if that person comments back. Sometimes I don't know for like a week if somebody said something back because I forget to check. lol I'm so absent minded. I can't wait for my weight to drop and I need to start toning up my legs and making them stronger. They're starting to look all flappy floppy and I need to make sure every day I get enough calcium, take my multivitamin, and get enough lean protein so my muscles don't waste away. By the way, I am almost done with a crochet project that I can't wait to show off! I am going to start writing in my notebook more making sure I track these things to try and stay as healthy as possible. Also, I am going to make an exercise checklist and give myself a sticker each day if I complete it lmao. Well enough of my ramblings. Happy skinny day everybody! Stay strong <3


  1. ahhh i hate when i get stuck at the same weight!!! a little extra cardio and i know ull blow past this checkpoint!

  2. Your right about Blogger! I just leave comments everywhere and it's like once you leave it, that's it, it's part of the past now. I don't ever know reactions or if I helped. Blogger should do that. We could probly all submit like 'suggestions'. Maybe.
    I need to crank up my cardio too. Cuz I do none right now and I'm getting nowhere fast. I really wanna post my dancing. It looks ballet-ish but I know I've gotta be sooo off and wrong bc I know NOTHING about ballet. I jsut wish I did. I don't purposely make my dance style that way. It just ended up being that way. But, I don't know how to get my vids up yet. I'm working on that and my songs. We'll see, I guess.
    Stay Strong your a SuperStar!
    <3 Jane