Friday, August 26, 2011

Staring Over

Ok sooooooo I totally binged and messed up horribly at work yesterday ugh but, I'm staring over the ten day challenge today. I just got back from Kmart where I bought sugar free energy drinks, natural fat burning diet pills, sugar free gum, and a scale :) Now, I'm ready to start. According to my scale, my official start weight is 143lbs :/ BMI= 21.74. OMG it's time to get cracking!!!! So I'm cheating a little bit because I can't stand sugar free red bull, so I'm using Lo-carb Monster instead. Only 20 calories per can so it won't be too bad. And I still don't have yogurt, so I think I'll just eat fruits and veggies and zero calorie foods, so that makes up for using Monster instead of Redbull. I hope that my scale fits inside of my pro -ana box because I have to hide it from my boyfriend. I also bought a thing of slimfast shake powder for after my 10 day challenge is over. I think I might do a slimfast fast lol One shake for each meal would be 600 calorie per day. And I would have like one apple at each meal or something Idk, I'll have to plan it out better. Can anybody recommend good diet pills? Thanks!


  1. sugar free energy drinks are gross they taste like mosquito spray, get the rockstar burner its rly good and tastes like blueberries and its sugar free!

  2. Sugar free monster actually wasn't too bad, it just tasted a little off. I'll definitely try the rockstar though :)

  3. I think Ive grown soo accustomed to the taste of tastlessness that anything sugar free doesn't fase me:S That is a great idea on the slim fast thing. 600 cals is perfect. I don't know any good diet pills but I would like to hear suggestions too:)

  4. hydroxycut is a good one, kinda expensive, and you have to get it from nutrition stores but it cuts your appetite completely and sucks all the water out of you. Also, slimquick is a bit cheaper but does basically the same thing, and i think you can get it at walmart. (the pills are best, they have powdered juice mixtures too though)

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  6. btw, i feel like i should tell you who i am haha i have been reading your blog for a week, i swear im not a creep!
    Name: prefer to keep private...don't want anyone i know to find out im on one of these sites
    Age: 22
    Stats: HW : 160 LW: 114 CW: 114 GW: 105
    Type of ED you have: ednos since age 15
    Contact info: