Sunday, August 21, 2011

And Here Comes the Binge

Soooo I'm not gonna lie. I'm drunk right now lol and the BF is so drunk that he's already sleeping in bed. COme on! lol It's only l:53 Am lol I really hate this. I do soooooooo good all day and then He come home from work with food or some other treat. It's not fair! Last not it was pasta con pesce and tonight it's 2 bottle of champagne. Ugh sometimes it really sucks that my BF owns his own restaurant lol Good news is that the champagne only has 80 cal per serving. Bad news is that I drank 3 servings UGH... That's an additional 240 calories that I didn't need. I was doing so good too :( I think I just need to eat breakfast in the morning to get my metabolism going and then wait until he gets home to eat. That seems like the only way to prevent a lot of damage lmao. Sometime when I drink I like to share too much information.My Bf wanted me to come right to bed with him, but I told him that I had to finish watching this show on tv. I hope he just falls very deeply asleep so I don't have to entertain him tonight. I didn't get enough sleep last night and I really want to go to sleep so I can get up to go to church in the morning before work. I reallllllly need to start going back to church for real. I feel so guilty about not going lately. I'm not sure where all of you live, but it seems like mostly the UK, Australia and USA. I wish somebody was online to talk to. I'm just feeling kind stupid for drinking this champagne and ruing my calorie count. I guess this is just another lesson that I need to learn so I can figure out how to consume the least amount of calories possible each day.If anybody is reading my blog, please post some encouragement or something :( feeling kinda down...


  1. don't feel bad. i binged like CRAZY this weekend....all weekend.

    my man took me out and i ordered chicken cordon bleu (not knowing what it is and that it is breaded chicken with ham and greasy sauce with melted cheese).
    unfortunately, it was delicious.

    and THEN the next day i ordered 2 eggs with biscuits and gravy!!! i knew fully well how horrid the decision was. and since i've made those choices, i gained about 2 pounds.

    but you know, i think binges are okay, so long as they aren't completely out of control like mine. everyone will have cravings and they will drive you crazy if you don't give in just once in a while. besides, there's always hardcore workouts or calorie control you can do for the next day or two to counteract the bad choice.

    idk if i'm giving you encouragement or if i'm giving it to myself!!! haha.

  2. Wow, thats soo cool your bf owns a restaraunt, except the food part of it:D Lol! I don't encourage drinking cuz I don't like it but I don't think it's horrible to binge every once in a while. I deff had my week last week. What's nice is to start over, there is always a day to turn back to goodness. And, church for sure is awsome. I go every week and think it's soo great you are rededicating yourself:D Your doing good. Don't feel bad, sweetheart!
    Stay Strong<3

  3. Don't worry. We all have those. I had one yesterday. And a little this afternoon. It will be ok!! Yes eat a little something in the morning so your body won't hold onto the binge food. Then lots of water!! Alcohol and binging dehydrate you... So replenish your resources. I'm getting on track again WITH you! We will do it together :)

    Think thin my darlin!