Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good Day!

I think I'm finally getting into the swing of things now. First, I fasted until 4:00pm today while I worked at the pool. I think I probably burned a bunch of calories while I was roasting out in the sun for four hours. At my other job, they always give us a buffet that they set up and we get to eat a free meal before we start waiting tables. I could do some major damage there, let me tell you! lol They usually give us a whole load of greasy gravy covered sugar encrusted food options lol. Today I chose plain green beans(30), a teeny weenie serving of mashed potatoes(150), a very small boneless skinless piece of chicken(150), and some lettuce topped with a tiny bit of diced tomatoes and a teeny bit of Italian dressing(100) . I tried to figure out the calories and I figure about  430calories plus 100 calories for any random calories I missed lol I always like to over estimate the amount of calories I had whenever I don't know how many calories I had for sure. So a 530 calorie day? I'll take it :) This is awesome. The good thing is, I don't even feel hungry or weak or starving lol I'm so excited. My BMR is 1494 and I found a website that says I my daily caloric needs are 1.55 x BMR(1494)= 2315.7. I can't believe that I need that many calories each day! That's such a huge amount. I want my calories each day to average out to 800. I need 10,458 calories per week. I want to consume 5,600 per week. That's a deficit of 4,858 each week. 1 pound = 3,500 calories. I'll lose about 1.4 pounds per week, and that's without exercise! I think I could lose at least 2.5 pounds a week. My total weight loss goal is 29lbs so it should take about 3 months to lose all of that weight. I'll be skinny by Christmas! lol I can definitely work harder than that though and lose it faster probably in like 8 weeks. I'm super excited! I can't wait to start seeing results. Good luck to everyone out there working towards similar goals. Stay strong <3Sunshinechild69 


  1. Truthfully if you reduce calorie intake and excercise and stick to it, it probably won't take that long, It normally takes me about 1 month to lose thirty pounds, and I've been through the thirty pound weight lose twice now so I'd say thats accurate. Good luck :)

  2. How many calories did you eat per day to do that? And what kind of exercises lol tips please!