Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pro-ana Survival Kit!

So I had a total moment of inspiration today. I am going to create a special survival kit so that I always have everything necessary on hand that I will need to pursue my pro-ana dreams.First, I'm going to get a big box with a lid and I'm going to decorate it and make it beautiful.I might paint it or put some pretty paper on it. IDK just something that looks amazing. Then I'm going to will it with all sorts of Ana essentials. This is what I'm going to put in there * TUMS for the tummy pains * Reusable water bottle* Mulitivitamins* Biotin vitamins to keep the hair and nails healthy* My thinspo book* Meal tracking notebook* Pro-ana recipies* Exercise plans* My favorite diet meal plans* My crochet needle and yarn to distract me from cravings* My goal charts* Gum to distract me from cravings* Advil for random pains* ACE bandage to wrap around my tummy and decrease cravings* Thinspo pics*Sugarfree hot chocolate packets* Hot tea bags* Rubber bands to wear on my wrist and snap if I have cravings                                                                                                                                                    Does anyone else have any ideas about what should go in my box? I think this will really help me to stay on track and shed some lbs. If anybody else wants to start a box, feel free, and let me know how it works out for you :)                                                                                                                            


  1. put some pieces of blank paper in the box and make origami hearts when you feel hungry. maybe a coloring book and some crayons too, haha. ^^

    the survival kit sounds like a good idea, btw. very cool. :)

  2. Thanks! lol I just made a bunch of paper hearts :) That was a good idea

  3. Never knew about the ACE bandages, that's a cool tip!

  4. I love the ace bandage :) I wrap it really tight and for some reason it takes away the tummy pains and helps me to focus on not eating

  5. I've got an ana box, but I've neglected it and it's got very empty :(
    It's got vitamins, laxies and my packets of soup and jelly that mum wouldn't let me eat for a meal if she saw the box with the calories on :P I really need to make a thinspo book and print out my weight chart, but I haven't got round to it yet :P
    The ACE bandage is a great idea!
    Lottie x

  6. Love the Suvival Box. I think I might get one of those nice boxes you would buy at like TJMAXX so it looks like I keep just girly stuff like hairties in it. I won't want anyone to go through it. I wonder if I could find one with a lock.
    Herbal Decaf Tea (makes you feel full)
    Nail Polish (when trying to ignore food i give myself mani/pedis. takes me three hours to do it perfect.)
    Magazines and sicorrs (sp) to cut out thinspo
    Really great books that suck you in for hours no time to think of food
    Ipod. Music to get into your own little world

    I really love this idea:D

  7. you could put in beads and nice string, make an ana bracelet or necklace. either add a bead everytime you lose a pound or take one off. I have a string of beads next to my bed with 14 beads (a stone worth) every time i lose i take off the equivelent in beads, keeps me motivated and i can see what progress im making. xabbix htt://

  8. I love this idea!Now just to find a cute little box to keep all my things in (: thank you for the brilliant idea! <3

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