Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apple Obsession

Omg! Green apples rock my socks off. They are seriously the only food I've eaten for two day except my diet pills, lo-carb monster, and my lettuce, tomato,and black olive salad for dinner. I want to weigh myself sooo badly but I can't. I have to wait till morning :) goodnight my lovelies                                                                  <3 sunshinechild


  1. I might try them cause it's been the pink lady apples at that I've been living off of, they're so juicy, mmmmmm :)
    Jen :)

  2. Apples are good. I like gala and fuji?/fiji?/not sure but it's along those lines apples. I hope your weigh in goes well again.

  3. Applied nutirition natural fat burners. They were on sale so I decided to try them out lol. Then take away appetite and give me a nice energy buzz. Does anybody have any recommendations for other pills?

  4. im so glad your diet is working for you :) good job!