Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ballet Baby!

So I was feeling like a total bum after a long day of classes and dreading the thought of getting up off the comfy couch to work out. I was texting one of my ana buddies Ali and I told her how lazy I was being and she said, "You can do it!" Thank you so much Ali! Those simple word of inspiration at the right time turned into a three hour ballet conditioning workout. I feel great now, so I'm going to post some ballet thinspo.                 <3  


  1. Ballerinas break my heart with their pure beauty and grace.
    Good job with the workout!

    ~ Meg

  2. So glad I could help motivate you!<3
    In the end though, it was all you. I encouraged, but you're the one who actually got up and did something about it. I'm really proud of you!

  3. I am going to look into some sort of ballet class at the community college where I live. Maybe I have no chance to be super amazing but I still will be able to feel like the tiny graceful swan within me :D Could you post some sort of ballet conditioning like you described in this post so I know what to start with. Cuz Ive never done ballet, I just do my own version of it :)

  4. Absolutely! I'll make a post later today called ballet conditioning :) I have to run to the store really quick and buy a scale so I can weigh in.