Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You've Earned the Body You Have

Just so you all know, I weighed in after gymnastics at 129.2!!!! Ooooooh Ya! That's after a day of eating 2 green apples(180) 2Tbs. Peanut butter (190) 3 Pizzelle Cookies(69) 1 Sugar free energy drink (20) Half of a hard sourdough pretzel (50) And some random skittles(30) Total= 539. Not too bad, but a little over what I wanted. My absolute maximum is 800 for each day. 600 is pretty good. Less than 400 is what I really want, but fluctuation in calorie amounts help to keep the metabolism going better. I can not wait to step on the scale in the morning <3 I hope I make it in under 129. Let's aim for 128.6 yes? I am so so so excited and even more determined to get this weight off my body. 125 here I come!