Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weight, weight, go away, please don't ever come back my way.

Stuck at 131. How did I go back up? ugh. I'm super bloated though from my period, so hopefully I'm just retaining a bunch of water. Also, I had lots of salty stuff the past few days. I need lots of water. I had vegetable soup today(cheating) and soy milk and I feel sooooo uncomfortably full it's unbelievable. Somebody needs to stab me in the stomach and let all of the water drain out. I think Im at about 500 calories today and I'm going to stop there. Only 2 hours of practice tonight, so I need to go for a run and jump rope extra and do some more abs. I'm starting to see some muscles and definition coming through, so that's a plus. Next time I weigh in at 130 I will post pictures of my before and after. I am determined that it will be tomorrow morning :) I want 127 so bad. I always tell people that's how much I weigh, and I want to stop being a liar. If I am not under 130 tomorrow morning, I will water fast until I am. I hope this 14 day cleanse thing works. You take 2 fiber pills morning and night and two colon cleanse pills morning and night. I guess it's just gonna clean me out and make me poop a lot lol But you can lose 5-10 lbs from all of that undigested stuff sitting inside of you, so hopefully liquid fasting and this will get me down to 125 or maybe even 120:)Stay strong skinnies<3

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