Friday, October 28, 2011

Stick With It

I totally stole this off of Skinny Ninny's Blog. I am totally in love with this pic. Whenever you feel like quitting, or giving up, remember this. Never give up! Always keep pushing! Huge Halloween party tonight. I've been fasting since midnight last night and I hope to continue until noon tomorrow. 36 hours of only water, tea, and Calorie free energy drinks. I'm the DD so no calorie laden alcohol for me :D
P.S. Check out this calculator! it shows how much weight you will lose each week based off of your stats and calories consumed. It's amazing!


  1. I love this site! :)
    I made my goals from this site, hope i can do it!

  2. That is a great saying I need to remember it ALWAYS and it is so ture the summer I lost 25 lbs really no one noticed. my hubby did not even notice till i said something lol...Your pics are great by the way you have made a great deal of progress I am very jealous!!!

  3. I like this picture :)
    It's so true - don't give up!