Monday, October 17, 2011

Of Course...

So I wanted to be under 130 today, 127 being my real goal, and of course I wake up late, almost am late for class, and forget to weigh in :/ I just weighed in at exactly 130. That's after eating 2.5 hard sourdough pretzels(250) and 2 Reese's (100) and drinking 3 bottles of water today and a cup of tea. I know that's not much, but without the food weight I know I'm under 130. I have 4 hours of gymnastics tonight so that should torch between 800-1600 calories. I figured out today (while I wasn't paying attention in economics class) a weight loss goal plan. My goal date is 11/11/11 because my ultimate goal weight is 111lbs My realistic no effort plan is to lose a minimum of .2 pounds per day ( except my relax day on Sunday) putting my weight at 126.4 on 11/11/11 (Boo) This is the absolute minimum amount of weight loss, 4.6 pounds in 26 days. This should not be hard at all. It's only 1.2 pounds per week. My real goal is to lose about .4 pounds per day (except Sundays) putting me at 122 pounds on 11/11/11. This would be sooooooo amazing. Only 2.4 pounds per week! The funny thing is, when I was planning this on one day I only subtracted .2 pounds for one day instead of .4 pounds, so if I really lost .4 pounds each day, I would be at 121.8. Yay a .2 pound leeway. The funny thing is 2.4 pound a week loss isn't really that dangerous or unhealthy, because doctors recommend 2 pound per week loss and I only want to lose 6.4oz more than that :) The reason 122 is such a big number to me is because any weight under 122 is considered "underweight" and I'm really curious to see what that looks and feels like for me, and to discover why it is "underweight" I feel like I'm rambling lol. Anyways, Each day I'm going to post what my weight was,what my real goal was and what my realistic goal was, and how much weight I've lost on this 26 day journey. My only rules are stay under 1000calories and burn at least 2400 during the day. This shouldn't
be too bad because my BMR is at least 1500 so as long as I get out of bed during the day I should be able to burn the other 900 calories no problem. 4 days a week I have 4 hours of gymnastics so there's at least 800 calories there. Thursday through Sunday I work at least 5 hours waitressing, so that's about 1000 calories each day. This should be easy, as long as I stick to the plan.


  1. I like your goal date. :) Mind if I use it for my goal too?

  2. Best of luck, it is completly doable!

  3. Thank for all of the support :)And of course you can use it for your date. It would be awesome to know that someone else has the same dead line. Great motivation!