Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall

 I'm not going to weigh in until tomorrow morning. I will be at 129 or 128 or 127 ... or 126 :) I am determined. It will happen. Today is going to be all coffee, tea, and water. No solids! Do you hear that body? Don't touch the fuckin pita chips, or the brownie that you had last night! I can't wait for the shaky wonderful too much coffee feeling I get on days like this. I'm working on crocheting myself some legwarmers and a rosary for the executive chef at work who says he is, "Catholic, but doesn't believe in God" That hurts me a lot. I know it probable won't make him  believe again, but at least it will give him something to think about. After I'm done with this 14 day cleanse thing, I need a new diet plan to try out. I asked before in a post what diet I should try next, and I really need some opinions. It's up to you lovely ladies. What diet should I try next? I will give a day by day account of how it goes, beginning and end results, and before and after pictures. Let me know!

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  1. Theres so many great diets on this site: I think the Skinny Girl Diet looks really good, and the negative calorie diet allows for tons of different foods while still being low in cals. Also, since your a gymnast, you might try the Health Skinny girl Diet, which is an edited version of the skinny girl diet, which you can find on google. :) Btw, what level are you??