Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beperfect: Ana Whispers

My PhotoTime for another blog feature. Today we have Beperfect: Ana Whispers I love how the author of this blog really just puts it all out on the table and lets us into her world. If she's disappointed, she let's you know about it, no sugar coating. This is one of the reasons that her blog has become major thinspo and encouragement for me. It's her perspective and attitude that do it. She won't take no for an answer. I really love how I can empathize with her posts and feel her struggle and determination. Some posts are really difficult, but she always seems to throw in something upbeat and chipper as well. I love how happy and random some of her quotes are "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKING ON WOOD! I'm not crazy. I'm watching Easy A. Close enough?" Lol Something about her posts just puts a smile on my face. She  really is her own cheerleading section :) When things get tough she seems to grit her teeth and say "Fight, fight, fight it!" I really wish I could be like that. It's so much easier to get down on yourself and give in than it is to lift your self back up, brush off the dirt, and keep moving. Be sure to check out her first two posts about how ana came into her life. Very deep. Very touching.Something that I can definitely relate to. I know I'm rambling a bit, but I just can't get over her can do, never quit, fall down 9 times stand up 10 attitude. My favorite thing about her blog is that at the end of all of her posts, she puts a question of the day, gives her answer, and invites us all to respond to it. I think I might do something like that with a question of the week or something.Anyways... She is fairly new to blogger and needs some love and support from all of us! Click on the link and check it out <3


  1. I also follow and LOVE her post. I love her question of the day makes me feel a bit more connected to her. I also love your blog!!! I look forward to coming here everyday even when I have nothing to say someone somewhere does.

  2. thankyou for the recomendation, I am now a follower and looking forward to reading more of her posts.

    Keep the blog features coming, I like finding new blogs to be inspired by


  3. I also love her blog. And, I deff agree with everything you just posted. It really does help you feel connected with her when she puts her q&a's up. It is a good idea, huh? Maybe, we could all do something like that. I think it's really great the community that we all have going on. It's so nice that we can be close. Yea, you should for sure do a question thing too. I will.

  4. Thank you so much for everyone commenting positively on my blog! ^w^ It really does help with motivation, and I'm actually almost in tears, I'm so happy that everyone likes it! Thank you so much Sunshinechild for featuring me!