Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fresh Start

So I was definitely inspired by Skinny Pride Bitches, a lovely post on (size) Zero Intentions. Check It Out! I've decided that I will not hide my weight loss from the world. I will shout it from the roof tops. I will wear clothing that accentuates my hip bones and collar bones. I will make people jealous. I will be hated. Eat your heart out world! Because I certainly wont be lol I have a lovely journal that I am going to be carrying with me everywhere possible and anytime I want to eat, I need to write first, plan it out, and stay in charge. I will record poems,drawings, meal  plans, ideas, pictures, magazine clippings, anything and everything Ana. She will always be with me and I will never lose control again. This is going to work :D I will be lovely


  1. Oh, I love to show everyone my bones after diet. And I usually plan, create the list of things to eat. It's working.

  2. ^_^ Thanks :) Got a few mixed reviews on that one! But I agree. Hip bones and proud! Xo

  3. Love the PRIDE! I'm gunna do it too!